Local law licensing for businesses

We are committed to helping you build and operate your business. To operate a business in Logan City, you need to meet relevant licensing requirements.

Licensing helps to make sure that all businesses in Logan operate in a way that is safe and complies with our local laws.

Some activities can create public health risks, environmental impacts or impacts on local buildings and amenity. Licensing gives us the ability to check and regulate these activities.

Our local laws set out the conditions for each prescribed activity (Local Law No. 9 (Licensing), Local Law No. 12 (Council Property and Other Public Places) and the Subordinate Local Laws).

Licence conditions make sure that activities do not:

  • harm human health or safety
  • cause property damage or loss of amenity
  • cause environmental harm or environmental nuisance
  • cause a nuisance in general.

Relevant activities are inspected and licensed yearly.

Before you apply for a local law licence, you should check to see if you need approval under our planning scheme. This is called a development permit. Some prescribed activities need a development permit to use the land for a specific activity.

To see if you need a development permit, or for more information about licensing, please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at council@logan.qld.gov.au.

Local Government Toolbox

You can visit the Local Government Toolbox website for information about licences and approvals. The toolbox provides consistent information from councils across South East Queensland. It includes the information you need to operate a business in Logan City.

You can also access the Local Government Toolbox by clicking on the relevant Application Types in the table below.


The fees that apply to each licence are on the application forms.

Property searches

If you are buying a business, we recommend that you complete a conveyance search to find out if the business complies with licensing rules. For more information about searches, please see Searches.

Application forms

Application Type

Application Form

Information Kits & Fact Sheets

Advertising signs

Fact sheet – Signs and advertisements on a public place (PDF 197 KB)

Caravan parks and camping grounds


Short term accommodation

Short term accommodation information

Commercial swimming pools


Events and Markets

Event licence information

For more information, please visit:

LG Toolbox - Toilet facilities

LG Toolbox - Waste, recycling and litter control

LG Toolbox - Example plans – Outdoor Concert

Environmentally relevant activities


Film production

Application for a permit – Film production on a public place (PDF 331 KB)

Fact sheet – Film production (PDF 182 KB)

Heavy vehicle parking on residential premises

Application for heavy vehicle parking (PDF 77 KB)

Fact sheet – Heavy vehicle parking on residential premises (PDF 1175 KB)

Personal appearance services

Application for higher risk personal appearance services licence (PDF 73 KB)

No licence is needed (for non-higher risk personal appearance services), however the infection control guidelines must be followed

Tattoo and body piercing information

Queensland Government information:

LG Toolbox - personal appearance services design and fit out guide.

Roadside vending


Stall, busking, touting, distribution of business advertising publications

Application for a permit – stall, busking, touting or distribution of business advertising publications (PDF 290 KB)