Citizenship ceremonies

The final step in becoming an Australian citizen is to make a Pledge of Commitment at a citizenship ceremony.

After successfully applying for Australian citizenship with the Department of Home Affairs, candidates are invited to make their pledge at a citizenship ceremony organised by their local council.

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for citizenship?

The Department of Home Affairs facilitates the citizenship application process. If you have any questions about becoming an Australian citizen, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website or call 131 880.

I’ve received my letter of approval and am now just awaiting a ceremony. When can I attend and how will I be notified?

Congratulations on your approval to become an Australian citizen!

The average wait time from the date you received your approval letter and the time of attending a ceremony is 3 to 6 months. More information is available at Citizenship processing times.

The Department of Home Affairs manages all citizenship ceremony placements, therefore we are not able to advise which ceremony date you will be placed in.

2024 Ceremonies

The below ceremony dates have been confirmed. If you have been invited to attend one of these ceremonies, you will receive a formal invitation by email, 4 to 6 weeks before the ceremony date.

  • Tuesday 28 May 2024 (2 ceremonies)
  • Friday 12 July 2024 (2 ceremonies)
  • Tuesday 17 September 2024 (2 ceremonies)
  • Thursday 24 October 2024 (2 ceremonies)

How will I receive my invitation to attend a ceremony?

You will receive an email invitation approximately 4 to 6 weeks before your ceremony. Please reply to this as per the instructions on your email.

If an email was not provided to the Department of Home Affairs during your application, you will be contacted by any other information that you had provided.

If you have any concerns, please email

What requirements are there for attending a ceremony?

Your e-invitation letter will detail all requirements for your citizenship ceremony. Most importantly:

  • You must bring government-issued photo identification (ie. driver’s license or passport).

If you have further questions regarding citizenship ceremonies or ceremony waiting period, we recommend visiting the Department of Home Affairs website or call 131 880.

I have an urgent request to be placed in a Citizenship Ceremony as soon as possible

Please visit the Department of Home Affairs website or call 131 880.

I have another ceremony-related question that is not listed here

If you have questions about your application or when you will be placed in a ceremony, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website or call 131 880.

If you have received your ceremony invitation and have questions, please email us at or call us on 07 3412 3412.