We issue fines for things like:

We use penalty units to calculate fines. In Queensland, the current value of one penalty unit (for 2023 / 2024) is $154.80.

Each type of offence attracts a number of penalty units. When the penalty unit value is applied to offences enforced through the issuing of a fine, the amount of the fine is to be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.

This means if a fine is worth 3 penalty units, the fine is then $464.00 (rounded down from $464.40).

The Queensland State Treasurer regularly reviews penalty units. Penalty units apply to fines for both Council’s Local Laws and other legislation.

Non-payment of fines

If the fine is not paid by the due date, the matter will be sent to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) for debt collection. If this happens, extra costs will apply.

SPER can take enforcement action by:

  • driver's licence suspension
  • fines collection notice
  • immobilisation warrant
  • seizure of property
  • arrest warrant.

For more information about SPER, please visit State Penalties Enforcement Registry or call them on 1300 365 635.