About elections

Local Government Elections in Queensland are held every four years. The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) administers these elections.

The next elections for all Councils in Queensland are scheduled for Saturday 28 March 2020.

At these elections the voters of Logan will elect a Mayor and 12 Councillors – one for each electoral division in the City. For a map of our divisions, please visit ECQ - Logan City Local Government Area.

Divisional Councillors are elected by the registered voters in each division they are to represent. The Mayor is elected by all the registered voters across the City.

Logan City Council elections are conducted under the optional preferential voting system. For more information about this system of voting, please visit ECQ.

Voters can cast their vote in different ways including attendance at polling places on election day, by postal ballot or pre-poll voting. For more information about how to cast your vote, please visit ECQ.

For information about the process for conducting the election, counting votes and arriving at the election result, please visit ECQ.