GIVIT is the Queensland Government’s official donation management partner for recovery from the South East Queensland Storms. GIVIT is currently working with recovery organisations to get exactly what’s needed to people affected by these storms.

100 percent of publicly donated money received by GIVIT’s South East Queensland Severe Storms Appeal will be used to buy essential items, vouchers and services to assist with recovery efforts. Wherever possible, GIVIT purchases from local businesses, which is an important part of community recovery.

For storm-impacted residents seeking assistance

You must first connect with a support organisation that’s registered with GIVIT. These organisations can then place requests for donations of items, vouchers and services on your behalf.

Find organisations that are registered to place requests.

For recovery organisations that are assisting people affected by storms

Register with GIVIT.

For businesses, organisations and members of the public wishing to donate

You can see what’s currently needed to support people impacted by the storms on the appeal page.

If you’d like to pledge items that aren’t currently requested, you can offer them into our Online Warehouse. Recovery organisations can then reserve and access these donations as and when they’re needed.

If you’d like to get in touch with GIVIT’s corporate partnerships team, visit GIVIT - How To Become A GIVIT.

Unrequested donations

Big-hearted members of the public are urged not to send or take unrequested donations into disaster-impacted areas. Unsolicited donations can hinder recovery because support organisations don’t have the resources to sort, store or distribute them. Unrequested donations often end up in landfill.