Missed bin collection

Picture of waste and recycling bin out on kerb

Bins can be emptied any time between 6:00am and 6:00pm on your collection day. To avoid your bin being missed you may want to put it out the night before.

Your bin may have been missed if it:

  • was not out for collection by 6:00am on collection day
  • was overfull (the lid must be down flat, so the contents don’t spill)
  • was overweight (bins must not be heavier than 70 kg)
  • had items that are not permitted items, including:
    • building materials
    • soil or rocks
    • oil or paint
    • large batteries
    • gas bottles
    • chemicals or pesticides
    • tree stumps
    • general or garden waste in the recycling bin
    • general waste in the green waste bin
    • rubbish placed on top of or next to the bin will not be collected.

You will need to remove non permitted items from the bin before the truck returns.

Waste collection trucks are fitted with GPS and cameras. The drivers use these to record why a bin was not emptied.

If your bin was not emptied on your collection day, you can:

  • lodge a missed bin collection request online, or
  • call us on 07 3412 3412.

Please put your bin out now and leave it out until it is empty.

If the bin was not emptied due to a contractor error, there will be no charge to return and empty the bin. If charges do apply, we will contact you.