Environmental program policies

Policy Policy objective
Carbon offset purchase (PDF 778 KB) To enable Council to purchase carbon offsets and/or renewable energy certificates in order to achieve and maintain the carbon neutrality.
Climate change resilience (PDF 778 KB) To establish Council's commitment to manage risks of a variable and changing climate.
Environmental conservation partnerships (PDF 146 KB) To provide an effective and transparent framework for the delivery of environmental conservation partnerships to the community.
Environmental events stallholder and sponsorship (PDF 118 KB) Guidelines for assessing event stallholder and sponsorship applications.
Environmental levy (PDF 145 KB) To determine the allocation of revenue generated from the environmental levy and outline the management of funded programs, projects and allocations.
Environmental Protection Act 1994 - Incentive Environmental Authority Fee Scheme (PDF 139 KB) This policy outlines the circumstances in approval may be given to reduce the annual fee for an environmental authority.
Sustainability This policy aims to embed the priinciples of sustainability into our decision making and activities to consider environmental, communty, economic and governance responsibilities.