Parks and Cemeteries


Policy objective

Cemeteries (PDF 122 KB)

Guidelines for the operation of the services at our cemeteries.

Family Cemeteries (PDF 121 KB)

Criteria for family cemeteries on private properties and preserving existing private graves

Fencing Contributions (PDF 119 KB)

This policy makes sure are we consistent when responding to requests for us to contribute towards fencing costs for properties adjoining parks.

Free Tree Distribution Scheme (PDF 120 KB)

This policy outlines our free tree scheme

Naming of Parks and Community Facilities (PDF 134 KB)


Park Encroachment (PDF 126 KB)

Framework for managing encroachments on parkland we control

Rewards for Information on Vandalism (PDF 120 KB)

To establish guidelines for offering and paying rewards for information following vandalism to our infrastructure.

Tree Damage Management (PDF 121 KB)

To address our responsibility for trees growing on land controlled by us

Tree Management (PDF 135 KB)

To guide the operational management of trees on land we manage which contributes to the environmental quality and amenity of Logan by planning, providing and managing a sustainable, healthy and safe tree canopy

Use of Developer Contributions for Parks (PDF 117 KB)

To make sure developer contributions for parks are allocated appropriately.