Pension remissions and subsidies

Pensioners may be eligible for a discount on rates for their owner-occupied property.

Council pensioner remissions

We offer the following pensioner remissions from our charges:

  • general rates – up to $349.20 per year for pensioners on a full pension and up to $174.60 per year for part pensioners
  • garbage charges – up to 10% per year for pensioners on a full pension and up to 5% per year for part pensioners.

State Government subsidy

The Queensland Government offers the following subsidies:

  • up to 20% subsidy on rates and charges, to a maximum of $200 per year
  • a 20% subsidy on the State Emergency Levy
  • up to $120 per year off the cost of water charges.

For more information, please see the Queensland Government’s Property concessions website.


To be eligible for a rates remission or subsidy, you must:

  • be an owner or life tenant of the property (a Life Tenancy can be created with a valid will. It is only effective after the death of the property owner/s, or by Supreme or Family Court Order.)
  • live in the property permanently
  • either hold a current Queensland Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card.

How to apply

As the wellbeing of our community is our highest priority, we have made it easier to apply for a pension rebate.

To apply for a rates remission or subsidy, you can:

You will still need to hold a current pension concession card or Department of Veteran Affairs gold card. The details on your concession card must still match the name and address on the rates notice.

Recently changed address

If you receive a rates remission or subsidy and you have recently sold and bought another property within Logan, you will need to apply for a pensioner remission on your new home. Remissions and subsidies are not transferred from one property to another.

For more information, please call us on 07 3412 5230.

Eligible Cards

We accept Centrelink Pension Concession cards and Department of Veteran Affairs Gold Cards only. (To see a copy of eligible cards, please visit Department of Human Services - Pensioner Concession Card and / or Department of Veterans Affairs - Gold cards).