On-site sewage facilities identification service

How does the system work?

An authorised Council Officer will attend all properties in Logan that have an on-site sewerage facility to place an identification sticker, (as shown below) in the electricity meter box.

Service information can be easily accessed by property owners' and their on-site sewerage facility service agents by scanning the bar code on their identification stickery with a smart phone or tablet.

Waste ID On-site wastewater registration sticker, Scan QR2 ID code for information and enter the serial number for your property, a QR code is on the sticker.

What are the benefits of this new identification service?

Residents and their on-site sewerage facility service agents will have free access to the service history and manufacturer information of the on-site sewerage facility at their property.

Council will receive real time updates when an on-site sewerage facility is serviced as agents can use their smart phone or tablet device to access the service history and provide details of services they perform.

Property owners' will be able to access for free the service history of their on-site sewerage facility from a smart phone or tablet device.

This will save on-site sewerage facility services agents and Council a significant amount of time and reduce paperwork currently submitted each time a facility is serviced in Logan.

Do residents need to be home when a Council officers attends their property 

We only need access to the electricity meter box to place the identification sticker inside. If we can assess the meter box, we don’t need residents to be at home. If we can’t access the meter box, we will contact you to arrange a time to attend the property.

Is there a cost for the Identification Service?

No, there is no cost to residents for this service.

When will the service be able in my area?

We started rolling out this service in October 2020.

We will notify you about 2 weeks before the service is rolled out in your area. You can start using the service once an identification sticker has been placed in your electricity meter box.