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On 29 September 2017, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines finalised the locality boundaries for the new suburbs of Riverbend and Glenlogan, and amended boundaries for the existing suburbs of Flagstone, Jimboomba and South Maclean.

Logan City Council had previously suggested changes to cater for the existing and future residential growth of the Jimboomba region over the next 20 years.

The Greater Flagstone Urban Development Area (UDA) will expand over the next 20 years, eventually providing around 50,000 dwellings to house a predicted future population of 120,000 residents.

Reviewing existing and defining any new locality boundaries within the Greater Flagstone UDA will ensure boundaries reflect the future structure of the community and ensure minimal address changes for residents in the future.

The name Riverbend is based on a prominent geographic feature in the Logan River at the southern end of this suburb.