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A Don’t Rush to Flush game show sign flashes across the screen The camera then pans to the game show host Seymour Clearwater who is standing behind a podium.

Seymour Clearwater:

Don’t Rush to Flush. Welcome back to Don’t Rush to Flush. I’m your host Seymour Clearwater. Here’s our next contestant Ben Spiller.


The camera zooms over to contestant Ben Spiller. (People cheering in the background.)

Seymour Clearwater:

Ben, which of the following is the only safe way to dispose of motor oil or petrol products?

A. Tip it down the drain?

B. Pour it on your lawn or garden?

C. Collect it in a plastic container for disposal?


Examples of A, B and C are shown on the screen.

The camera then zooms back to Ben Spiller.

Ben Spiller:

Um, C please Seymour. (People cheering in the background as well as music.)


The camera zooms back to Seymour Clearwater. It then shows an image of motor oil being tipped down a laundry sink, it travels along the pipe and explodes. It then shows someone tipping petrol onto the ground which then soaks into the water pipes, and someone pours a glass of contaminated water.

Seymour Clearwater:

Correct, if tipped down the drain, fuels and oils can damage pipes and if left to soak into the ground, they can be absorbed by household plastic pipes and contaminate drinking water.

Instead take the waste to a local landfill or transfer station.

And for those of you playing at home and want to know what can and cannot be flushed through the city’s sewerage, head to our website.

And remember, don’t be a fool when disposing of fuel, if you tip it on the grass, it could end up in your glass.

Don’t Rush to Flush.


A Don’t Rush to Flush game show sign flashes across the screen.

Logan City Council logo in shown on screen.

For more details, please download our Don't Rush to Flush Guide (PDF 44 KB).

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