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A Don’t Rush to Flush game show sign flashes across the screen. The camera then pans to the game show host Seymour Clearwater who is standing behind a podium.

Seymour Clearwater:

Don’t Rush to Flush. Welcome back to Don’t Rush to Flush. I’m your host Seymour Clearwater. Now for the grand prize.

Betty Wipe, which household items can be safely flushed down the toilet?

Your options are, flushable wipes, paper towels, toilet tissue and disposable nappies.


The camera zooms over to contestant Betty Wipe. (People cheering in the background.)

It then shows images of the four options which are flushable wipes, paper towels, toilet tissue and disposable nappies and pans back to Betty Wipe.

Betty Wipe:

Oh, um, I’m going to go with flushable wipes and toilet tissue, Seymour.


Images of flushable wipes and toilet tissues appear on the screen. A big red cross then goes through the flushable wipes.

The camera zooms back to Seymour Clearwater

Seymour Clearwater:

I’m sorry Betty, that answer is incorrect. Only toilet tissue can be safely flushed. Although some wipes are indeed flushable, they are not biodegradable. So when flushed, these wipes can get stuck and build up, causing blockages which may result in expensive plumbing bills for homeowners.

Instead, wipes should be wrapped and placed in the bin.

And for those of you playing at home who want to know more about what can and can’t be flushed through the cities sewerage, head to our website.

And remember, if its toilet tissue, there’s no issue. If they’re wipes, they can block your pipes. Don’t Rush to Flush.


It shows a hand placing a flushable wipe down the toilet. The flushable wipe then travels through the underground pipe and causes a blockage as it builds up with other wipes. It then shows the correct way to dispose of a flushable wipe by wrapping it up and placing it in the bin.

The Don’t Rush to Flush sign pans across the screen again. It pans back to Seymour Clearwater and the Don’t Rush to Flush sign one last time.

It finishes with the Logan City Council logo.

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