Bin collection day

When is my bin collected

We provide a general waste, recycling and an optional green waste collection service.

  • General waste bins are collected every week
  • Recycle bins are collected every fortnight
  • Optional green waste bins are collected on the opposite fortnight to the recycle bin.

You can use our My property tool to find out your scheduled collection day.

You can keep track of your recycling collection day by downloading our waste and recycling collection calendar (PDF 6.2 MB). If you would like a fridge magnet calendar, please call us on 07 3412 3412 or email us at

You can also receive a collection day reminder from our City of Logan app.

Things to remember on collection day

  • Put your bin out for collection by 6:00am on collection day, or the night before.
  • Put your bins out no more than 1 metre from the kerb or edge of the road and make sure the handle faces towards the house.
  • Make sure your bin is not too heavy, the trucks can’t pick up more than 70 kilograms.
  • Don’t overfill your bin, make sure the lid is fully closed.
  • Where possible, don't place your bin under low-hanging trees, overhead wires or near parked cars.
  • Remove bins from the kerbside within 24 hours of being empty and store inside your property.

If your collection day falls on a public holiday, we will still empty the bin.

If you're not sure which bin something goes in, or how else you can dispose of, recycle or reuse it, see A to Z of waste disposal and recycling.