Boronia Heights


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Boronia Heights lies to the west of Park Ridge. The region was known as the Logan Ridges until the early 1890s. Timber getting and farming were the main industries in Boronia Heights during the 1890s, with Mr Cordingley operating a blacksmith’s shop.

The local residents were responsible for constructing the first school in Park Ridge. When they wrote to the Department of Public Instruction in 1893 requesting to build a school, they described themselves as mostly Yorkshiremen who had taken up land together. They built comfortable cottages, with fenced paddocks and gardens. They had considerable areas of land under cultivation and could build the school without government assistance.

The provisional school was situated between Rosia Road and Hillcrest Road. The building was completed in April 1895. Unfortunately they didn’t use ant caps on the stumps and white ants soon attacked the timber building. The school was abandoned and a new site was chosen closer to Browns Plains. The school moved to a new site in 1913, and Brown Plains State School remains on the site today.

Boronia Heights was gazetted in October 1991. It was named after the first residential housing estate in the area.