Braille stickers

We are pleased to introduce braille bin stickers for our visual-impaired residents.

The labels stick to bins to help residents who are blind or visual-impaired to identify their general waste, recycling and green waste bins. The transparent labels are now available free of charge for residents if requested.

Our newer bins have tactile symbols on the lids that indicate general waste, recycling and green waste. 

  • Square symbols for general waste bins
  • Triangle symbols for recycling bins
  • Circle symbols for green waste bins.

How to request braille bin lid stickers

To request the stickers:

  • call us on 07 3412 3412 to request a pack be posted out to you, or
  • fill on our online request form.

How to apply braille bin lid stickers

You can apply your stickers wherever suits you best. If you’re not sure, we suggest applying the stickers on the front and centre of the bin lid.

If you are helping someone apply Braille stickers, the images below will guide you to apply them correctly.

General waste bin (red or dark green lid) this way up



Recycling bin (yellow lid) this way up



Green waste bin (lime green lid) this way up



Follow the steps below to apply your stickers:

  1. Clean the section of the bin lid where you will be applying your sticker, (preferably wiping the area with an alcohol wipe).
  2. Peel the backing off your sticker, taking note of which way is upright.
  3. Apply your sticker.