Bushfires can start in grassland, bush or parkland. They can spread very quickly.

If there is a fire near your home, the burning material, embers and smoke may affect you.

Please call 000 (Triple Zero) to report all fires or if you see smoke.

For more information, please visit the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website.

There are steps you can take to minimise the impact of bushfires and house fires.

Before a fire:

  • prepare your property
  • prepare a bushfire survival plan and emergency kit
  • find out if there is a nearby neighbourhood safer place
  • make sure fire trucks can access your property
  • trim low-lying branches and native shrubs growing close to your house
  • remove all rubbish, leaf litter, firewood and fuel containers near your house
  • clear your roof and gutters of leaves, twigs, bark and other debris
  • mow your grass to keep it short
  • rake up leaves, twigs and branches
  • if possible, make a firebreak around your home
  • fill in any gaps around windows, door frames and roof eaves
  • For more tips on how to prepare your home please visit Preparing for an emergency.

Take action during a fire:

  • if you plan to leave, go early, before a bushfire threatens your area
  • let family members, neighbours and friends know you have left
  • move cars to a safe location
  • close windows and doors and shut blinds
  • take down curtains and move furniture away from windows
  • seal gaps under doors and windows with wet towel
  • Protect your roof-harvested rainwater. Disconnect your water tank and seal any openings when smoke is in the air. When all is clear, thoroughly clean your roof and gutters then reconnect your tank.
  • If you bring your pets inside, restrain them and give them water
  • fill containers, baths, sinks, buckets and wheelie bins with water
  • listen to your local radio or TV station for information on damage and service disruptions.

For more information on bushfire management, see our Planned burn program.

Bushfire smoke and your health

Bushfire smoke can reduce air quality and may affect your health.

For more information on bushfire smoke, please visit the Queensland Heath website.