Camping on Council owned or controlled land

Local law changes

Our local laws increase public amenity while supporting community health and safety.

Our local laws have recently changed to prohibit camping on Council owned or controlled land which includes roadsides, footpaths, road reserves, parks and other public places.

The purpose of the changes is to allow us to respond to community complaints of people camping on Council land.

The changes are not meant to affect people stopping for short periods during the day or when vehicles are broken down.

Camping impacts

Living or sleeping in a car or caravan or camping in a public place without suitable infrastructure can create road hazards, reduce the amenity of an area and lead to public health and safety issues.

Hardship assistance

We understand that in some instances people camping on public land are experiencing hardship.

If you are experiencing hardship, you may reach out to local services by visiting My Community Directory.

Free camping

Free camping for up to 3 nights in Tully Park in North Maclean and Hugh Muntz Park in Beenleigh is available for those camping in a caravan or motor home. Camping in a tent or car is not allowed.


Camping on Council owned or controlled land can now attract an on the spot fine of over $700.