Chambers Flat Road Upgrade (Park Ridge Road to Derby Road)

We are currently designing a road project to widen and improve safety on Chambers Flat Road. The project area extends from Park Ridge Road in Park Ridge, to just south of Derby Road in Chambers Flat.

The upgrade will help to ensure Chambers Flat Road is able to safely accommodate future traffic demands.

Why is the upgrade needed?

Traffic is expected to increase significantly over the next 20 years because of residential and business growth linked to Chambers Flat, Logan Reserve and Park Ridge.

Chambers Flat Road currently carries approximately 19,000 vehicles per day. This figure is expected to rise to approximately 28,000 vehicles per day, a 47% increase.

If this section of the network is not upgraded, congestion and delays can be expected into the future as the volume of traffic increases along local roads.

Project features

To maintain safety as traffic increases, we’re making changes to Chambers Flat Road from Park Ridge to Chambers Flat. This means different access from some side streets, as well as:

  • widening Chambers Flat Road to 2-lanes in each direction
  • traffic light upgrade at Park Ridge Road
  • new traffic lights at Koplick Road
  • temporary roundabout at School Road (this will be removed in future years as part of the planned School Road realignment)
  • removal of temporary access driveways at Rural Street and Isla Street
  • East Beaumont Road to become left in and left out only
  • no right entry to Derby Road from the south, (across Chambers Flat Road). Motorists will proceed to the legal U-turn facility at Koplick Road.

Project benefits

The upgraded road will help to:

  • improve safety as traffic increases
  • unlock local bottlenecks for more reliable travel times
  • build a well-managed road network to improve access and economic opportunity.

Project overview

View the preliminary designs drafted for the project, including: 

Project timings

The detailed design is scheduled to be complete by late-2023, with construction anticipated in 2024. 

We will keep the local community informed throughout this project.

Contact us

If you would like more information about the event or the project, please:

  • call our Community Engagement team on 07 3412 4551
  • email us at or
  • write to us, please address your letter to CD80 Chambers Flat Road Upgrade, Road Infrastructure Delivery, Logan City Council, PO Box 3226, Logan City DC, QLD, 4114.