City Lifestyle Committee

Council’s Committee meetings will be held at the Logan Entertainment Centre for 9 and 10 June 2020. Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) social gathering restrictions, space is extremely limited. Audio from the meeting will be available on our YouTube page

The agendas for the committee meetings are available on our eScribe website. Audio recordings of the committee meetings will be available to the public after the meeting has concluded. If you wish to listen to an audio recording, please email your request to

The City Lifestyle Committee provides direction and leadership in the areas of city standards and animal care, libraries and creative industries, sport, leisure and facilities, parks, customer experience, community engagement, community services, media, marketing and events.


  • Chairperson: Councillor Koranski
  • Deputy Chairperson: Councillors Hall and Russell
  • Members:
    • Councillor Bradley
    • Councillor Lane
    • Councillor Raven
    • Councillor Frazer
    • Councillor Heremaia
    • Councillor Bannan
    • Councillor Stemp
    • Councillor Willcocks
    • Councillor Murphy
    • Councillor Power

Meeting calendar

A list of meeting dates and times is available to download:

Meetings agendas and minutes

To view agendas and minutes, please visit our eScribe website.

If you have difficulty viewing the background papers call us on 07 3412 5463 to request copies in a higher resolution.

Commencing from January 2020, committee meetings are audio-recorded. These audio recordings are available to the public upon request. If you wish to listen to an audio recording of a committee meeting, please email your request to

Agendas and minutes from the last 12 months that are not available on eScribe can be downloaded below. 



Terms of reference

Former City Image and Innovation Committee

The City Lifestyle Committee now assumes the functions of the former City Image and Innovation Committee. Former committee documents are available below.