Community benefit fund

Community Benefit Fund (CBF) is a discretionary fund that allows councillors to meet requests for financial help from eligible organisations. This may be for activities or projects that demonstrate a 'community purpose' as defined in the CBF Policy.

CBF operates under, and allocates an annual budget in line with, sections 201B and 202 of the Local Government Regulation 2012. 

Funding available

The total amount budgeted as discretionary funds is $197,723.89 for the 2022 / 2023 financial year.

The amounts budgeted for use by each councillor are:


2022 / 2023 allocation



Division 1 to 12 



Discretionary funds will not be allocated for capital works of Council.

Application timeframes

  • CBF will close for applications on 30 April each financial year or when there are no funds left (whichever comes first)
  • Where possible, please submit your funding request prior to the project or activity being undertaken


Please ensure that your project or activity is not eligible for another Council grant before considering CBF. If you are unsure please contact our Community Grants team on the details below.

Before applying please download and read the eligibility and funding requirements in the:

Councillors are authorised to support eligible requests at their discretion. Factors other than eligibility may impact upon the success of your application.

How to apply

Applications must be made through SmartyGrants, using the Community Benefit Fund application form.

Please note that you’ll be required to create a SmartyGrants login.

Incomplete or hard copy applications will not be accepted

Assessment process and notifications

Once we receive your application we will assess it against the eligibility criteria. If eligible we will forward your request to the relevant councillor(s) for a decision.

If your application form is incomplete or does not meet the eligibility criteria we may contact you and give you the opportunity to comply.

If your request could be funded under another Council grant program we will direct you to the correct program. You will then need to re-apply for that grant.

Acquitting your CBF grant

Successful applicants will need to complete an acquittal through SmartyGrants. A link will be sent to you when you receive your funding.

Applicants funded prior to 9 December 2021 only: You will need to complete the CBF evaluation form to acquit your funding.

More information

Please see Grant information sessions or Grant writing assistance for upcoming session information. Please note that these sessions may be held online.

For more information, please contact our Community Grants team on 07 3412 3412 or