Club development

We have made a commitment to help our sport, recreation and community organisations improve their management practices.

The following resources can help you manage your organisation.

We update these resources regularly so check back here again for more tools and templates.


These resources can help you manage your organisation:


Information about identifying, managing and decreasing match day risks:


Information about how to recruit volunteers to fill key roles within an organisation:

Supporting women in sport

We know that many women play sport, but they do not play sport as often as men. Women face barriers that can make it more difficult for them to start playing and to stay involved in sport.

Across Logan, many sports clubs support women achieving leadership positions. But there’s still a lot of work to do to close the gender gap. How many women are in leadership roles at your sports club? Who in your club would make a good coach, referee, committee person or president?

Look for women who are organised, effective communicators, great networkers and passionate about their sport and invite them to join your committee or board.

You can download a copy of our female participation plan fact sheet for tips and talk to your Sport and Recreation Development Officer.