Concealed leak remissions

If you had a concealed leak on your property, you may be eligible for a remission on your water usage charges. Before you apply, please:

How to apply

Please fill in the online form or download and fill in a Concealed leak remission application (PDF 46 KB) and return it to us.

Residential owner-occupied properties

There are two parts to water charges:

  • the State Government bulk water charge (the amount we pay to the State Government to buy the water)
  • our Council water usage charge (our charges for the amount of water you consume).

The leak remission only applies on the Council water usage charge. We are required to pay the State Government bulk water charge for all water users, so we cannot offer a remission on it.

If your application is approved, we will provide a remission on the Council water usage charges for 100% of the leakage amount. The leakage amount is the difference between your average water usage and the actual amount of water used during the leak.

Owners of residential non-owner-occupied (e.g. rented) properties are not eligible to apply for a remission.

Non-residential and multi-residential properties

Owners of non-residential or multi-residential properties may apply for a remission of the Council water usage charge only if the leak was on a designated fire service.

If your application is approved, the water usage charge will be reduced from the designated fire service rate per kilolitre, to the normal domestic rate per kilolitre.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I replace a previously approved concealed leak remission if I have experienced a larger leak?

No, we can only approve one application every three years. If approval has already been granted for a leak, an application for another leak within three years will be declined.

Why won't Council provide a remission on the State Government Bulk Water Charge?

We do not receive any remission from the State Government in relation to concealed leaks and therefore cannot provide a remission to our customers.

Why isn't Council applying a remission for non-residential or non-owner-occupied residential properties?

We cannot financially sustain providing a remission to customers who fall into these categories. Ultimately the community as a whole bears the burden of concealed leak remissions as funding remissions places pressure on water prices.

If the leak was concealed and the owner was not aware of its existence, will Council consider a remission if the leak was due to damaged or faulty tap washers, in the hot water system, from the swimming pool, from a garden tap or water tank, or inside a wall or floor?

These types of leaks are excluded under the policy and are the property owner’s responsibility. The leak must have occurred in the property's main water supply line to be eligible for a remission.

I am in financial hardship and unable to pay for this extra water. What help can you provide?

If you are unable to pay your rates (including your water and wastewater charges) at any time, please call us on 07 3412 5230 to discuss payment options.

Please note that if you do not pay your rates (including your water and wastewater charges), we will take the necessary action to settle the outstanding amount. This may involve legal action or selling the property.

Will you cut off my water if I don't pay?

For health and safety reasons we will not cut off your water. We will investigate reasons for non-payment and offer payment options.