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Animation showing various people walking, riding a horse and driving on a road beside houses. Camera focuses in on house driveway.


If you own a property, there are certain standards that have to be met to ensure the safety of our community and our roads.

The construction and maintenance of your driveway is your responsibility.

The area you are responsible for includes the driveway from the road to the fence line.

The maximum width of a driveway is 5 metres.


Slides showing concrete, asphalt and pavers. Camera swings back to animation of driveway.


It can be constructed from concrete, asphalt, or pavers and it must remain level and slip resistant.

If a footpath crosses your driveway, you will need to remove and replace the part of the footpath that is over lapping the driveway and match the existing the existing footpath construction. Council footpaths are not designed for vehicular traffic.


Animation shows sloped driveway and high and low point of a curb.


When planning a driveway that will sit on a slope, ensure the highest point of the driveway is at least 250mm above the lowest point of the kerb. To achieve a high point a high point of at least 250mm the driveway would require a gradual and varying slope for at least 3.5m from the kerb to match standard footpath grades and to limit water spilling off the road and into your property.

Inserting materials into the gutter of the driveway is generally not permitted, because it blocks water flow during heavy rain, is a hazard to road users including cyclists and can damage the road. You may seek approval from Council in exceptional circumstances.


Animation shows top view of a driveway. Building plans fly in to view.


All new driveway and driveway modifications require an application to be submitted to Council.

Council provides standard driveway drawings free of charge.

To download these drawings or for more information, visit our website.

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