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Drone flying over large new construction site, looking down on new houses and roadway. Trees and skyline in background.  

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Title Construction Task Force with Logan City Council emblem   


David Hansen (Director Strategy and Sustainability) standing in front of Logan City Council Administration office talking. 

David Hansen (Director Strategy and Sustainability):

Logan is growing and changing in a significant rate, it’s critical that now more than ever developers manage their construction sites to the highest standards, ensuring we minimise the disruption to the environment and to the people’s lives.


Drone flying over the same construction site showing heavy vehicle moving soil. 

Sherry Yan (Construction Taskforce Team Leader) wearing construction personal protective clothing standing on the construction site talking.

Sherry Yan (Construction Taskforce Team Leader):

Logan City council has recognised the need to establish a construction task force a dedicated service which enforces compliance, and operate as a single point of contact between the contractors and the public in managing temporary impacts.


Picture of construction sign, “Danger Construction Site” “Do Not Enter”. 

Pictures of construction site demountable buildings with different information advisory signs. 


Bryce Waite (Senior Construction Taskforce Officer) wearing construction personal protective clothing standing on the same construction site talking.

Bryce Waite (Senior Construction Taskforce Officer):

The construction taskforce will work tirelessly across the city to ensure building sites operate to the highest possible standards within the guidelines set by Council. As a member of the public you can be rest-assured the development in your area is constantly being monitored and assessed.


Gary Randle (Senior Construction Taskforce Officer) wearing construction personal protective clothing standing on the construction site talking.

Gary Randle (Senior Construction Taskforce Officer):

This will ultimately result in the visual efficient development sites, timeframes being met, and a decrease in public concerns. The taskforce will also be a useful resource, not only for the public as well as the developer. 


Eddy Rea (Private Construction Engineer) wearing construction personal protective clothing standing on the construction site talking.  

Eddy Rea (Private Construction Engineer):

Working with the construction task force it allows us to be on the front foot with any community complaints or concerns for us it’s a lot easier to manage any community expectations, it also allows us to communicate to the community make things safer, and just get rid of any angst that maybe caused by the developments in the construction phase. 


Tom McGreal (Senior Construction Taskforce Officer) wearing construction personal protective clothing standing on the construction site talking.  

Tom McGreal (Senior Construction Taskforce Officer):

The construction taskforce is developing a culture of good site management across the City of Logan giving developers the tools they need to work efficiently and the public a one-stop shop for their concerns. 

To learn more about the Construction Taskforce or to raise a concern contact council here.


Phone 3412 3412 

Drone fly's over construction site showing construction site surrounded by green trees. 

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