Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity Program

As part of the City of Logan Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity program we have created the Improved Broadband Infrastructure and Connectivity Project.

We understand the importance of providing residents with next generation telecommunications services and capabilities, especially with our rapidly growing population.

Our goal is to upgrade legacy broadband connections to high speed Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) in over 350 homes over the next 12 to 18 months.

This upgrade is a significant step towards improving digital infrastructure and connectivity in our area and sets the foundation for future upgrades.

The Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity Program was developed with the support of the Queensland Government in association with the City of Logan.

More information about high-speed Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connections is available on the Opticomm website.

More information will be provided as the project moves towards a more connected community.

To speak with someone about the project, contact us on 3412 3412

Improved Broadband Infrastructure and Connectivity Project frequently asked questions

Opticomm Network Contact Details

Phone: 1300 058 794


What is this project?

Opticomm and Logan City Council will undertake a fixed wireless/satellite (FW/S) to Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) upgrade on over 350 premises in Logan Reserve and Chambers Flat.

When is it happening?

Construction/installation activities are expected to start in June 2023 with the first residential connection to the FTTP upgrade in October 2023. (Surveyors, trucks, Opticomm vans may be in the area from late April 2023).

What is Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP)?

Fibre to the premises (FTTP) uses fibre optic cables to connect your home to the internet. FTTP in most cases is a faster access technology than other types like  copper, wireless or mobile.  For example, FTTP can be configured to support superfast speeds of up to 1Gbps today or even faster in the future.  

Why is FTTP more reliable than fixed wireless and satellite?

Let’s start at home: getting from your home to the Opticomm network  

Most homes have multiple devices connected to Wi-Fi by a modem supplied by your Internet Service Provider. This modem is connected by a cable to an Opticomm-supplied Network Terminating Device (NTD) which is connected to the Opticomm optical fibre access network.  

From the Point of Interconnect (POI) to the Web  

The Opticomm access network uses optical fibre to connect your home to a headend. This aggregates all home fibre connections from your community. These then feed up from the other communities, eventually terminating at point of interconnect typically located in each mainland state. These interconnects pass data from the Opticomm network to the Internet Service Provider network, which sends data by domestic and international networks to the world wide web.

Who is Opticomm?

Opticomm are a wholesale access network provider specialising in fibre. They supply, install, and maintain wholesale fibre access networks that connect to high-speed internet and phone services by your preferred Internet Service Provider. Opticomm is a wholesaler and does not sell direct to end-users. They provide wholesale access to their network to phone and internet providers. 

What is the role of Opticomm versus an Internet Service Provider?

Opticomm is responsible for the infrastructure that connects a premises to the point of interconnect. Your Internet Service Provider is responsible for the phone, internet and digital TV services that run over the access network to your home. Your Internet Service Provider is responsible for the end-to-end delivery and support of your service. 

How do I find out if my property is eligible?

Use the address checker on the Opticomm website to check the status of your address. Your address will be assigned to a cluster about 8 weeks before the fibre installation work is scheduled. Once assigned you’ll also be able see the estimated works on address checker tool.

What happens to my existing wireless or mobile services?

Existing services will not be impacted. You will need to contact your current service provider to amend or cancel existing services.

I have a granny flat/dual occupancy, is this eligible?

The agreement/policy is for 1 connection per address. You can discuss other options directly with Opticomm.

If my address is not in the current rollout program, can it still be connected or can I go on a waiting list?

All eligible addresses for a government-funded connection are finalised.

If you’ve been notified your address is outside the footprint or ineligible in the rollout, you can raise a feasibility request with Opticomm. A feasibility request can’t be completed until the design and construction work for your area has started. Waiting periods will apply.

We’d love to connect every address in the area, but there may be locations where it’s not possible due to factors like access or environmental or topographical issues.

Will I lose electricity?

Generally, you will not lose any power. If loss of power is required the Opticomm consultant/ technician will let you know and organise the details with you.

Will I lose internet services?

You should only lose internet services IF your power is turned off. Please speak with Opticomm if you are concerned.

How long will installation take?

Each property is different, and some installations may take longer.

Do I need to be at home when it happens?

Someone over the age of 18 years must at home during the installation appointment to give permission for the lead-in work to be undertaken, otherwise the work cannot proceed. If this person is not the property owner, they must have the owners permission for the work to be carried out, agree to the lead-in pathway and device location and provide details of any special aspects that we should be aware of.

Can I choose where the devices are placed on my property?

2 devices will be installed at your house. A Premises Connection Device (PCD) will be installed on the outside of your property. It will be placed on the side of the property, preferably in the location of other utility boxes (like the power circuit board). The second device is a connection box or Network Termination Device (NTD), which will be installed inside your house close to a power point. The NTD (inside) will be placed within 2m of the PCD (outside).

How big are the devices?

The white outside device (PCD) is 37 millimetres deep x 95 millimetres wide x 130 millimetres high. The black internal device (NTD) is 43 millimetres deep x 193 millimetres wide x 231 millimetres long. The NTD needs to be installed close to a power plug within 2 metres of the PCD.

How much noise can be expected?

Some noise can be expected. Please contact Opticomm if you have any concerns.

Will I need a new modem/router?

Your phone and internet provider will be able to advise what equipment you need.

I rent, what if I want the update?

It must be the owner of the property that endorses the work. Tenants need to contact the landlord to get permission. 

I am a landlord and want this on my property – do you notify the tenant or do I?

We advise landlords to notify tenants when and if works are occurring on the property they live in.

What reinstatement is taken on my property and home?

The installation works should cause minimal disturbance to gardens or grassed areas. Care is taken to ensure device installation will not detract or devalue your home.

What if you damage something on my property or in my home?

Please contact Opticomm as soon as possible to discuss the issue.

What happens to my existing wireless or mobile services?

Your existing wireless or mobile services will stay active when you get connected to the Opticomm network. Contact your current internet service provider to amend or cancel these services.

How/why were the properties in Logan Reserve and Chambers Flat selected?

The properties were selected based on the viability of connecting premise across the area. A key component is the proximity to existing networks.

The program is being funded by Opticomm and Logan City Council. The funding will cover the cost to design, build and connect the properties. This includes core components of the network, the facilities and fibre in the street and the lead-in fibre connections to residents / business premises. This will make the premise ‘ready for service’ (provided by retail service providers e.g. Optus, Telstra, Aussie broadband, TPG etc)

The fibre connections to these properties is an overlaid (separate) fibre network.  This enhancement of capability will provide highspeed capabilities not currently provided by the existing fixed wireless and satellite network(s). Given it is an overlaid network build, there will be no impact to the existing services during the build.

How much will it cost me?

$0 for installation. Please check with your individual provider to confirm there are no charges from them.

Access and speed

Speed is dependent on the plan you choose with your provider.

Will I need to reconnect my home smart devices? And if so, is there someone that can help me?

Please contact Opticomm to discuss this.

Do I need to lock up my dog or remove from the yard?

When booking your installation with Opticomm, please let them know you have pets.

What if I work from home / have my business at home, can work be done outside business hours?

Please contact Opticomm to discuss the best dates and times to book the installation.

What if I missed out on registering in time for the installation?

Contact Opticomm to discuss your situation on 1300 058 794, or email: Regional Brownfields Information Desk:

If you don’t register in time, you may miss out on getting your home connected to the network.

What if I need to change date/time of installation?

To reschedule your installation (lead-in or exterior works) please call Opticomm’s technicians/consultants on 1300 058 794 as soon as possible. To avoid additional charges, rescheduled appointments must be within the advised date range for your address.

What machinery will be on my property to install the lead-in?

Slot trenching – small to medium truck or direct buried trench, small digging machine.

I have a tree/garden, can you go around that?

In every instance we will avoid trees or go under gardens. We will work with you to ensure the least impacted pathway is taken without compromising the fibre connection.

I have a fence, how will you go through that?

No impact is anticipated to any fencing. The lead in will be run underneath the fence or within an open space (driveway) on your property.

How deep will the lead in conduit be on my property?

The lead-in conduit will be direct buried at a depth of approximately 30 centimetres. This may depend on the type of soil/rock or other features in the area. The direct buried trench is approximately 30 centimetres in depth, or slot trench approximately 100 millimetres to 150 millimetres.