Local Disaster Management Plan

Local disaster management plan

Our Local disaster management plan (PDF 13.8 MB) outlines how to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from a disaster or emergency.

The plan makes sure we develop strategies that will reduce the impact of a disaster, including natural disasters or disasters caused by people. The plan considers all types of disasters, including disasters that disrupt essential services or involve an attack against the state.

Local Disaster Management Group

The Local Disaster Management Group is responsible for disaster management in Logan.

The group helps the community to:

  • reduce the potential damaging effects of a disaster
  • prepare to manage the effects of a disaster
  • respond to and recover from a disaster or emergency.

The Local Disaster Management Group includes representatives from:

  • Logan City Council
  • Department of Treaty, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Communities and the Arts
  • Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Energex
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
  • Queensland Health
  • Queensland Police Service
  • State Emergency Service
  • Red Cross
  • Queensland Ambulance Service.

All Hazards Risk Assessment Report

The All Hazards Risk Assessment Report identifies areas of risk in our city. It also describes how we can improve planning for hazards like:

  • severe weather, severe storm, tropical cyclone, east coast low
  • earthquake
  • bushfire, both rural and urban
  • heatwave
  • major urban accident, urban/industrial fire or hazardous material event
  • bio-security or health event
  • terrorism
  • flash flooding from severe thunderstorm.

For more information, please download the All hazards risk assessment report (PDF 1.32 MB)

Local Disaster Management Recovery Plan

Our Local disaster management recovery plan (PDF 6.91 MB) outlines the actions we will take to recover from disasters in Logan.

Register of plans and risk reports

We have sub-plans, risk reports and other documents that support the Local Disaster Management Plan. Many of these documents are restricted as they contain confidential information.

Our general sub plans include:

  • Community Information and Warnings
  • Evacuation
  • Hazard Specific
  • Rapid Response
  • Spontaneous Volunteer
  • Supplementary Plan for Health Outbreaks

Our risk assessments and action plans include:

  • All Hazards Risk Assessment Study
  • Lake Dennis Emergency Action Plan
  • Logan and Albert River Floodplain Management Study and Plan
  • Seqwater emergency action plans.

Our supporting documents include:

  • Local Disaster Management Group Members Guide
  • Logan City Local Disaster Management Recovery Plan.