During a disaster, you may need to evacuate your home for your safety.

If you are asked to evacuate, we encourage you to stay with family or friends away from the disaster area. If you are unable to stay with family or friends, you may be able to stay in temporary short term accommodation at an evacuation centre.

Please make other arrangements for your pets, as evacuation centres might not be able to take them.

We will put the details of open evacuation centres on the Disaster Dashboard and share it with radio and television stations.

When you evacuate your home, you can register online on the Register. Find. Reunite website. This will help your family and friends to find you. This website is only activated during emergencies.


If you decide to evacuate, you should leave as early as possible. Listen for warnings and advice from Queensland Police Service and other authorities.

Make sure you take your emergency kit with you and any other essential items, like:

  • medications
  • prescriptions
  • spare clothing
  • bedding
  • important documents
  • valuable items.

You should not return home until you have been told it is safe to do so and you can safely access your home.

National Registration and Inquiry System

The National Registration and Inquiry System registers, finds and reunites family, friends and loved ones after an emergency.

It is managed and operated by the Australian Red Cross. To access the register please visit the Register. Find. Reunite website.

You can use Register to let people know you are safe and Find to look for people you know may be affected by an emergency. Reunite is a matching process that allows us, with permission, to share details to connect family, friends and loved ones.

People evacuated in an emergency or trying to locate family or friends can phone the Red Cross Inquiry Centre on 1800 727 007.