Know your neighbours

Two ladies wearing red gloves sweeping up in the street cleaning up storm debris and a group of people walking down the street helping out others

We all cope better when we work together. Whether it’s a bushfire, flood or severe storm, getting to know your neighbours will help you prepare, respond to and recover from a disaster. They can also help you and your family feel safer.

Here are some ways neighbours can help each other:

  • Helping prepare a household emergency plan and kit.
  • Clearing roof gutters and trimming trees close to your homes.
  • Lend a hand securing outdoor furniture or loose objects in the yard if a storm is on the way.
  • Make a phone call to check in or share important information about what’s happening during an event.
  • Providing a place to shelter or access to resources during a disaster.
  • Helping to clean up after a disaster.

Look out for your community

Remember to look out for people in your community who might need extra help, or people who may be able to help you. Look out for:

  • Older people living by themselves
  • People with physical or sensory disabilities
  • People living with chronic illness or mental illness
  • Single parents with young children
  • Large families
  • People who have recently arrived, including tourists, refugees or immigrants.

For more information, please visit Get Ready Queensland or the Australian Red Cross websites.

Get to know your neighbours

Don’t know your neighbours? Getting to know your neighbours can be as simple as:

  • starting with a smile or a wave
  • having a quick chat with a neighbour
  • offering kind gestures.

See our Neighbours of Logan page for more tips and resources.

Tips to prepare your home and family for natural disasters video

Tips to prepare your home and family for natural disasters video transcript.