July 2019 to June 2020 Disclosure log

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Application number

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Topic / information requested

Access charges

3 June 2019



All documents regarding the legal expenditure for the matter of Sharon Kelsey – Queensland Industrial Relation Commission. Including approvals for expenditure, emails, reports, and memos.

7 May 2019 1131833-1





  • All documents including plans concerning any construction or development of 150 Brookvale Drive, Underwood
  • details of any parties involved in construction or development of 150 Brookvale Drive, Underwood,. and
  • any response from Council regarding the construction or development of 150 Brookvale Drive, Underwood.
Scope range: 1 January 2016 to 31 January 2018
  • excluding all duplicates
  • excluding all previous emails except for the last email in a chain of emails plus the email chain itself, and
  • excluding all documents publicly available on Council’s PD Online system.

25 June 2019




All documents that relate to the approval, establishment and implementation of the Access Restriction Strip known as Lot 500 on RP233966 outside the property of 61-65 Kingston Road, Kingston in particular correspondence between Council and the Department of Main Roads during the period of 31 December 1978 to 31 December 1982 and then any other relevant similar documents that relate to the access strip up to 26 June 2019.


21 June 2019




All documents in relation to any incident having occurred or complaints about the condition of the footpath and/or Telstra pit and cover located on the footpath near 55 Rowland Street, Slack Creek.

Scope range: 18 February 2016 – 21 June 2019


8 June 2019






All documents including, but not limited to; emails, financial records, text messages, Councillor Vehicle Policy and Management Directives, calendar regarding service dates, file notes regarding decision making for vehicle hire, repair invoices, hire car invoices, work orders for hire car, plant hire agreement, diary entries Council employees regarding hire care, vehicle request forms regarding hire car, account commitment summary and internal invoices regarding hire car for previous Division 11 Councillor Trevina Schwarz, making arrangements for the Councillors' designated vehicle to be serviced/maintained and a request for a replacement vehicle of Mercedes-Benz vehicle whilst the Councillors' designated vehicle was being serviced/maintained between 1 March - 30 April 2019.



4 June 2019






  • Expression of Interest Application form for Dauth Park Tennis Centre Lodged by Dauth Park Logan Tennis Club in 2012.
  • Expression of Interest Application form for Dauth Park Tennis Centre Lodged by Beenleigh Sports Club also known as Club Beenleigh in 2012.
  • Expression of Interest Application form for Dauth Park Tennis Centre Lodged by Club Beenleigh also known as Beenleigh Sports Club in 2018.

Time Period: 1 January 2012 to 1 January 2018



25 July 2019






CCTV footage from Council cameras showing a car accident that occurred on Monday 22 July 2019 at approximately 7.05am at the intersection of Wembley Road and Jacaranda Avenue, Logan Central.



26 August 2019






CCTV footage on Saturday 17 August 2019 at Logan Metro Indoor Sports Centre on the mezzanine level of seating located at the end to the main entrance where persons may be next to a poll using a device to record the performance.

The time period: 9.26am to 10am



18 July 2019






CCTV footage of accident on Tuesday 9 July 2019 12:15 pm to 12:20 pm on corner of Crete Street and James Street Beenleigh with a view of Crete Street. Accident between two vehicles.



22 July 2019






Any report, minutes of workshops, third party advice, internal Council memo, correspondence, advice or any other document containing information on:

  1. how the Strategic Framework - Section 3.5.8 in version 5.1 of the Logan City Planning Scheme was drafted, and
  2. how the main trade areas population threshold in Section a. iii. A-E were calculated or decided upon or have been reviewed over time.

Scope range: 2010 - present.



19 September 2019






All information applied for under this application relates solely to the property located at 48 Dairy Creek Road, Waterford QLD 4133

  • Details relating to the ownership, including confirmation of ownership and purchase date/s
  • Details relating to the property, such as; approved residential plans, any heritage listing, council inspection reports.
  • Any and all applications lodged relating to re-development applications, including the status of those applications.
  • Any and all applications lodged relating to re-zoning applications, including the status of those applications.
  • Any and all applications lodged relating to demolition work, including the status of those applications.
  • Any and all applications lodged relating to renovations, including the status of those applications.
  • Any other information or document that may prove useful to the insurance investigation pertaining to a claim lodged under the home & contents policy – excluding complaints regarding fencing issues and animal control issues.

Scope range: 25 August 2015 to 13 July 2019



16September 2019






Flood Watch Camera - Schmidt's Creek, Schmidt's Road Logan Reserve, QLD 4118.

All still images between 9pm on 12 September 2019 and 5am 13 September 2019.

3 x spotlights and 1 x number plate had been taken from the trailer at Logan  Parade, Logan Reserve, QLD 4118.



11 October 2019






Footage of a car accident that happened on 7 October 2019 between 2.16pm and 2.19pm.

The accident occurred at the lights by McDonalds, K.F.C, Hungry Jacks, and Grand Plaza, Browns Plains



16 October 2019






  • The finalised reports that informed the development of Council's 2011 Community Infrastructure Strategy by the Community Services Branch;
  • Draft Community Infrastructure Strategy 2011 (doc ID: 8758160);
  • Draft Needs Assessment - Community, Cultural, Sport and Recreation Facilities 2010 (doc ID: 8758173);
  • Community Facilities Inventory 2010 (doc ID: 8758171); and
  • Social impact assessment completed by the Community Services Branch for the Bahrs Scrub Land Use Plan.

Scope range: 1 January 2009 – 31 December 2011.



25 September 2019






All records pertaining to Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERAs), Notifiable Activities, Wastes produced or stored on the site, underground or aboveground fuel storage (petroleum product or oil storage), historical filling or earthworks activities, flammable and combustible liquid licenses, illegal dumping, historical activities carried out on the site or any other information relating to contaminated land at the following sites:

  1. 72-78 Clarke Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  2. 80-86 Clarke Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  3. 98-106 Clarke Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  4. 108-116 Clarke Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  5. 115-126 Clarke Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  6. 128-136 Clarke Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  7. 138-146 Clarke Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  8. 413-423 Green Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  9. 425-435 Green Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  10. 437-447 Green Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  11. 449-459 Green Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  12. 461-471 Green Road, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125
  13. 26 Belvedere Drive, PARK RIDGE QLD 4125

Scope Range: 1 January 1945 to 25 September 2019



18 October 2019



CCTV footage of the concrete seating  /rail at the skate park on Flagstonian Drive, Jimboomba from 28 September 2019 from 11.30am to 1.49pm


23 October 2019



All documents, plans, site maps, and any details relating to the location of any underground tanks located underground on Lot 2 SP219277, more commonly known as 10-14 Lexington Road, Underwood for 1 August 1993 – 30 September 2000.


08 November 2019



The costings for conferences in Qld and Northern NSW (2 night getaways) attended by the CEO, Directors, and Managers (ELT) not including Councillors or Mayor. External conferences organised by bodies such as LGAQ are not included.

  • Type of accommodation, including meals and drinks, provided for the weekend including those paid for on credit card or petty cash.
  • Budgeted amounts for the conferences
  • All internal memos, emails, correspondence (both internal and external), invoices and costings, also agenda items, and correspondence/discussion about venues, accommodation, who would be attending the conferences and planned activities for the conferences for the two night getaway conferences in QLD and NSW attended by the CEO, Directors and Managers.


13 November 2019



All documents relating to application MCUC – 115031/2001 – DA Only R960049 REZONING TO PARK.

Scope range: 1 January 1995 – 31 December 1997.


23 October 2019 1158048-1 2692
  • Invoices for the purchase of all vehicles and maintenance costs in relation to Mayor, Councillors and Executives (CEO, Directors and Managers).
  • Costs to Council for the fleet of cars (Passenger Vehicles) provided to the Mayor, Councillors and Executives (CEO, Directors and Managers) in the 2017/18 budget. In particular, the make, model, and purchase price of each vehicle
  • Maintenance costs (including fuel) and toll fees incurred by each vehicle in relation to Mayor, Councillors and Executives (CEO, Directors and Managers)
Scope Range: Budgetary period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 18
18 October 2019 1157508-1 269
  • The flood study or hydrological study for 2016 (2016 Scott Lane Culvert Replacement).
  • Design or scope document from LCC to Cardno Pty Ltd for production of 2016 (2016 Scott Lane Culvert Replacement).
  • Ecological biodiversity flora and fauna considerations for 2016 assessment report (2016 Scott Lane Culvert Replacement).
  • Design and construction 2016 for use of and introduction of road base and fill bridge abutments. Plan, fill source and quantity (2016 Scott Lane Culvert Replacement).

Scope range: 1 January 2017 to 18 October 2019.

25 March 2020 1175956-1 43
  • All documents relating to the construction and / or repair and / or maintenance and / or inspection of the footpath between 51 and 59 Rowland Street, Slacks Creek QLD.
  • All documents relating to any complaint, injury or incident relating to the footpath between 51 and 59 Rowland Street Slacks Creek QLD

Scope range: 1 January 2000 to 25 January 2020 

19 March 2020 1175317-1 1387
  • All documentation relating to the construction of Doug White Drive, Park Ridge and Jedfire Street, Park Ridge street network. 
  • Council's Ref: PS101992 Comp Ref: PS101992-TRA-0012 
  • All discussion relating to the above reference number with the property owner of 3698-3712 Mount Lindesay Highway and 27-47 Kantenna Street, Park Ridge.
  • All documentation regarding the connection of Jedfire Street, Park Ridge to Doug White Drive. They specifically request all documentation in regards to the justification behind why these roads are no longer proposed to be connected.
  • Excluding Duplicates to exact copies, Safe Work statements, Tenders with Contractors, Acquisition documents, Blank template documents attached to emails and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 - Duty of Care Guidelines.

Scope date range: 1 June 2019 – 23 March 2020