Drinking water quality monitoring

We are committed to providing clean and safe drinking water to the community of Logan. To find out more about our commitment, please see Drinking Water Quality Policy Statement (PDF 593 KB).  

Drinking water monitoring

We undertake extensive monitoring of the drinking water to confirm it is safe to drink across all sections of the network.

The water we provide to customers meets the requirements set by the Queensland Public Health Regulation 2018 and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011.

Our drinking water monitoring program is approved and regularly audited by the Queensland Water Supply Regulator.

Quick facts – drinking water monitoring

  • Every week, we test a wide range of parameters to monitor the quality and safety of the drinking water supplied to you.
  • All samples are tested in our accredited laboratory.
  • Over 55,000 different tests are performed in an average year.
  • All online reservoirs are tested weekly.

Sample taps

Water quality sample taps are strategically placed throughout the distribution system. These sample taps are specifically for monitoring water quality.

You may notice Samplers flushing sample taps before taking their samples. The flushing draws fresh water from the main into the sample tap.

This step is necessary to make sure the water tested represents the same water supplied to customers.