During water restrictions

What level of water restrictions are currently being implemented?

Until our drinking water supply reaches 50%,  restrictions are NOT currently in place. Logan Water will let customers know when this happens.

Where can I find full details of the Water Restriction Schedule?

You can download the full Water Restrictions schedule from our website

Can I water my established gardens and lawns?  

Yes, but you must follow the guidelines shown in the table below:




Odd numbered properties

Between 4.00am and 8.00am and 4.00pm and 8.00pm

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Sprinklers with a timer

A handheld hose with a twist or trigger nozzle

Even or unnumbered properties

Between 4.00am and 8.00am and 4.00pm and 8.00pm

Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

Sprinklers with a timer

A handheld hose with a twist or trigger nozzle

What if I’m using a bucket or watering can?

You can use a bucket or watering can at any time. 

Can I use more than one hose at a time to water my gardens and lawns?

No, you can only use one hose at a time at the property.

What other items are not allowed to be used?

The following items are not permitted during Medium Level water restrictions:

  • a hose without a twist or trigger nozzle
  • hoses that are not handheld (e.g. left to run hooked on a tree)
  • a soaker hose
  • sprinklers without a timer

When can I water my newly established garden and lawn?

You can use sprinklers with a timer and a hand-held hose with a twist or trigger nozzle to water newly established gardens and lawns for: 

  • one hour only on the day of establishment, and
  • for one hour in total each day between 4.00am – 8.00am and 4.00pm – 8.00pm for 21 days after the date of establishment. 

You must use all suitable fit for purpose alternate water supplies before using the drinking water supply. 

Can I use the drinking water supply for general outdoor cleaning?

Yes, but you must follow the guidelines in the table below:





External surfaces of a building

Materials and equipment

Animal and pet pens and enclosures

At any time

A bucket

A handheld hose

A high-pressure water cleaning unit


Cleaning for health and safety reason is permitted at any time by any suitable means. 

Can I wash my car?

Yes, you can wash your car at any time using a bucket, handheld hose or high-pressure water cleaning unit. 

Can I use the drinking water supply to clean paved surfaces?

Yes, but only when dealing with significant soiling or to prevent material risks to health, safety, or the environment.   

Cleaning can only be done using:

  • a bucket
  • a handheld hose; or
  • a high-pressure water cleaning unit

Can I top up my pool during Medium Level water restrictions?  

Yes, you can top up your pool at any time if:   

  • a down pipe diverter or rainwater tank is used
  • a pool cover is in place when the pool is not in use; or
  • the pool is Climate Care certified.  

Do Medium Level water restrictions apply to business?  

The activities contained in the Water Restrictions Schedule apply to both residential and non-residential premises. Businesses must comply with the water restrictions as defined in the schedule. 

The Water Restriction Schedule is initially aimed at reducing residential water use to avoid any financial impact on business. 

Many businesses have retained their water efficiency since the Millennium Drought, and they will be encouraged to invest in voluntary programs and conduct audits to maintain and enhance their water efficiency measures. 

When will water restrictions be put in place for business? 

Business will be required to comply with additional measures for water efficiency when the dam levels reach 25% and High Level water restrictions are implemented.    

Can I fill up my rainwater tank with drinking water?  

No, you cannot use drinking water to fill, partially fill, or top up a rainwater tank except where:

  • the rainwater tank has a trickle feed top up system installed by a licensed plumber to supply water to the premises for toilet cisterns, washing machine or other fixtures specified in a local planning instrument; or
  • the property is not connected to the town water supply and the rainwater tank is the primary source of water supply to the property. 

Where the above conditions apply and drinking water has been used to fill the rainwater tank, water restrictions apply to the use of all water contained within the rainwater tank. 

Are there fines for ignoring water restrictions?  

We all need to do our bit and comply with water restrictions to secure our future water supply. 

Logan Water has an education first approach to water restrictions. If continuous breaches of the water restrictions are being observed fines are a consideration. We do have the authority to issue a fine if necessary. 

Fining residents for breaches of the water restriction schedule would be as a last resort.   

What should I do if I see someone breaching water restrictions? 

If you believe someone in your neighbourhood is continuously breaching water restrictions, please:

How long will water restrictions last?  

Water restrictions will be reviewed when we have received enough rainfall to increase the capacity of the combined dam levels to above 60% capacity. 

What should I do if I have any questions about water restrictions?

If you want any information about the water restrictions currently in place, please: