Employee benefits

We offer challenging and rewarding career paths. We encourage improvement, employee development, training and career progression.

We are undertaking a leadership and culture journey that provides all our employees with opportunities for leadership development and encourages all employees to be part of our Council.

We understand the importance of family life and we understand the needs of employees looking for a work–family life balance. We have a strong focus on improving the health and wellbeing of all staff.

Health and wellbeing

We offer these health and wellbeing initiatives:

  • health team focused on improving the health and wellbeing of all staff
  • discounted gym memberships
  • employee assistance program
  • free flu vaccinations
  • private health fund benefits.

Professional development

We offer these professional development opportunities:

  • employee exchanges
  • leadership development teams
  • study assistance.

Work-life balance and lifestyle

We have several initiatives to help with work-life balance:

  • ability to buy extra annual leave
  • an extra four days paid leave yearly, usually taken between Christmas and New Year
  • buy back sick leave
  • flexible working hours
  • most positions offer a rostered day off (nine-day fortnight)
  • paid maternity leave
  • work from home.

Financial and other benefits

We offer several financial and other benefits to employees:

  • banking incentives
  • canteen and tea service
  • car detailing and mechanical services
  • corporate uniforms
  • discounted Dell computer products
  • free car parking
  • free software
  • internal/external security
  • landscaping and parklands to enjoy
  • Logan City rates paid through payroll
  • payroll deductions for payments and donations
  • properties owned by Council available for rent
  • salary packaging
  • social club benefits.

Equal employment opportunity

Our equal employment opportunity (EEO) policy supports merit-based selection.

We select, promote and treat applicants on the basis of their ability to do the job.

Merit-based selection means that we assess applicants against the selection criteria. We assess all applicants’:

  • abilities
  • skills
  • experience
  • qualifications
  • skills and abilities compared with other applicants.

A merit-based and fair recruitment and selection process involves processes designed to ensure:

  • fair and open competition
  • a systematic and consistent process
  • selection criteria that reflect the actual and realistic requirements of the position
  • processes that do not discriminate at any stage
  • selection panels that are skilled and impartial.

Leadership and culture journey

We began our leadership and culture journey in 2003. We want to make sure that Council is a great place to work, where everyone has the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

We continue to develop our leaders to make sure they can support our people to achieve our visions and great outcomes for our community.