The koala is one of Australia's best known and most loveable native animals.

The Koala's scientific name is Phascolarctos cinereus. This means leather pouch and a bear and ashen grey in colour, but Koalas are not bears. They are large herbivorous marsupials that are well adapted to living in trees.

Koalas in Logan

In Queensland, koalas weigh between 5 - 10kg and have short pale grey fur.

Koalas are difficult to see. If you go searching for koalas in Logan, look for these signs that show a koala might be in the area:

  • look for scratch marks on trees, these may also be from goannas or possums
  • Koala scats (poo) around the base of trees (They are bullet-shaped and smell of eucalyptus if they are fresh). To learn how to identify koala scat, please visit What scat is that?
  • listen for the bellow of the male koala during breeding season (To hear a male koala, please visit Male koala bellow by New Scientist on SoundCloud).

Daisy Hill Forest Reserve is one of the best places to spot koalas in the wild but you can find koalas in many parks across our city.

We have used trained koala scat detection dogs to search some parks in Logan to learn about where Koalas live. The Atlas of Living Australia has the results of these searches.

For more information about koalas, please visit Queensland Government - Koala

How can you help Koalas

You can help protect our koalas in the following ways:

  • Report sightings or evidence of koalas through the iNaturalist website or App. You can report sightings or evidence of other wildlife.
  • Manage your dogs to prevent them attacking on koalas. You can do this by:
    • Keeping your dog inside or restrained at night.
    • If you see a koala in your yard, confine or restrain your dog out of sight. This will give the koala a chance to move on.
    • Give your dog its own play-area, fenced off from the rest of the yard with koala exclusion fencing.
    • Visit RSPCA Animal Training and Behaviour.
  • Be aware of koalas and wildlife when driving, especially between dusk and dawn. Be careful around corners, crests and in areas with roadside vegetation. If you see wildlife on the road at night slow down, sound your horn and dim your lights. If you do hit an animal or see an injured one, call the RSPCA Logan Wildlife Ambulance on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 265).

For information about how to make your backyard more koala friendly see Wildlife-safe Backyards.

How are we helping Koalas in Logan City?

Our goal is to protect and increase the Koala population in the City of Logan.

The City of Logan Koala Conservation Strategic Plan 2013-2023 (PDF 1533 KB) lists actions to improve the status of koalas in Logan. 

Some actions in this plan include:

  • Protecting and increasing koala habitat
  • Creating the following Koala Nature Refuges
    • Cornubia Forest, Cornubia
    • Leslie Parade Park, Slacks Creek
    • Henderson Reserve, Jimboomba
    • Murrays Environmental Reserve, Tanah Merah
    • Berrinba Wetlands, Browns Plains.
  • Increasing knowledge of koalas
  • Reducing threats to koalas
  • Working with land owners to keep or plant more koala friendly vegetation. See Conservation Incentives Program for information about how we help land owners do this.
  • Undertake koala sightings counts every year