Facade Improvement Program

The Facade Improvement Program (FIP) encourages owners and tenants to enhance their facade and help improve street appeal.

Status update

Council successfully launched two rounds of  the Facade Improvement Program (FIP) in 2022 and 2023 with approximately $90,000 allocated for facade improvements across the City of Logan. Council is working with successful applicants to deliver and acquit these works.

At present there is no plans for a third round of the program, however Council approved the intent to create a broader Place Making Incentive Program that may include facade improvements opportunities. Council will communicate any future funding opportunities when the new program is launched.


To promote high quality facade improvements, enhance main street amenity, encourage improved footfall and patronage, encourage footpath dining and stimulate the day and night time economy of the city’s centres.


  • Improve the quality, appearance and function of Logan’s centres
  • Assist local business and enterprises to enhance the visual appearance, quality and function of their building facade
  • To support local business and enterprises in increasing economic activity
  • Create more vibrant, active and attractive places across the city
  • Support local businesses in improving the city’s day and night-time economy – an identified priority for attracting and retaining skilled labour

Round 1 - 2022

Round 1 of the FIP was launched on 17 January 2022 and applications were invited until 14 April 2022. A total of 48 eligible applications were received with a total funding request of $194,178.

A total of 15 applications were approved to receive funding based on the merits of their project proposal, which was assessed against the program’s key assessment criteria. Funding of approximately $58,000 was allocated catalysing approximately $170,000 of works within the City of Logan. The program demonstrated its value in stimulating a sizeable economic investment within the city.

Frontage of shops at Logan Central before renovation, shop signage is busy and haphazard with visible ageing


Frontage of shops at Logan Central after renovation - signage has been restored and painted and looks neat and tidy.


Frontage of business at Rochedale South, an older red brick facade with faded blue painted trim and an old door.


Frontage of business at Rochedale South after renovations - bricks have new paint, a new door has been installed and trim has been upgraded.


Facade of a block of shops at Regents Park with plain red signage and aged car parking surface


Facade of block of shops after renovation - signage is upgraded, and carpark surface has been improved.


Round 2 – 2023

Key lessons from Round 1 have informed the revised FIP guidelines for Round 2, including changes to the eligible locations, maximum project funding and assessment criteria, to better align with Council efforts to improve place making opportunities.


The Facade Improvement Program is open to landowners or tenants (with landowners written consent) of business premises within the following identified areas:

  • Beenleigh Local Plan area
  • Logan Central Local Plan area
  • Springwood Local Plan area
  • Meadowbrook Master Plan area

In addition to the above, Council will consider any application within a centre zone that can demonstrate it positively contributes to Council’s Night Economy Strategy.

Consideration may also be given to applications that fall outside of these areas, subject to funding availability and the quality and creativity of the proposed works.

The application must relate to a property with a ground floor business that directly adjoins a road or open space and is open to, and trades with, the public.

Who cannot apply

  • Properties owned or managed by Logan City Council or a State or Federal Government
  • Properties owned or managed by employees of Logan City Council, Councillors or other government agencies
  • Properties with overdue debts owning to Logan City Council
  • Properties that have previously benefited from FIP funding
  • Properties that are used exclusively as a private residence.

What works can be applied for?

What type of works will be funded?

  • Painting of building facade, windows and awnings
  • Awnings / shade devices
  • External materials or detailing
  • Improving accessibility
  • Signage upgrades
  • Removal or screening of Air Conditioning units
  • Removal of roller shutters or security grilles
  • Enhancement of heritage features
  • Greening of facade
  • Upgrade of screens or fencing

What type of works will not be funded?

  • Improvements already completed
  • Standalone advertising structures
  • Purchase of buildings or property extensions
  • Routine maintenance or cleaning
  • Fixed planter boxes or furniture

How and when?

Applications can be submitted through our SmartyGrants portal. Applicants will be requested to demonstrate how their proposal contributes to the aim and objectives of the program. We will provide guidance material to prepare applications and encourage all applicants to contact us to discuss their project. 

Council will invite applications for the Logan Facade Improvement Program Round 2 funding between 3 February 2023 and 5 May 2023.

How to apply and assessment criteria

For an overview of how to apply, plus the assessment criteria and process, please visit How to apply and assessment criteria.

More information

For more information about the program, please see:

If you need more information after reading these guidelines, please call our Place Making and Urban Design team on (07) 3412 3412 or email placemakingandurbandesign@logan.qld.gov.au