Food business licence renewal

Licence timeframes

Your food business licence is current for 12 months, beginning August 1 and ending July 31 the following calendar year.

How to renew your food business licence

On 1 July each year we will post you a renewal notice for your food business licence.

If we receive your written consent, we can email your food business licence renewal notice. 

To renew your food business licence, you will need to:

  1. sign and return your licence renewal notice - if you pay by BPay you don’t need to return the signed form to us
  2. pay the fees in full.


Your annual licence renewal attracts an annual fee. If you fail to pay the fee before 31 July, your business licence lapses. You must then stop selling food as your business is un-licensed.

If your licence lapses you cannot simply pay the overdue fees. If you want to re-instate a lapsed licence, you must make application for a restoration of licence.

To renew your licence if it has lapsed, see How do I apply for a food licence?

What happens if you don’t renew your licence?

  • Your business will no longer be licensed.
  • Council may issue you with a fine for not having a current licence.
  • Your liability insurances may no longer be valid.

Incorrect details on renewal notice

If you receive a renewal notice that is in the previous business owner’s name, contact us as a change of ownership application may need to be submitted.

If you want to make a minor change to your licence, for example, a change of contact details, you can write the changes on the renewal notice and return it to us with your fee. You are not required to submit a separate application for this.