Governance policies

Policy Policy objective
Acceptable request guidelines (PDF 173 KB) To provide for the way in which a Councillor may ask a Council employee for advice or information, to set reasonable limits on requests made by Councillors, to provide clarity on Councillors access to Council employees and to assist Councillors in carrying out their responsibilities as elected representatives in an open and transparent manner.
Administrative access to information (PDF 228 KB) The process for releasing certain types of information to the public.
Administrative action complaints (PDF 247 KB) This policy details how Administrative Action Complaints will be managed.
Audit and risk committee (PDF 215 KB) To provide a framework for the operations of an audit committee within all functional areas of the Council
Beneficial enterprises (PDF 248 KB) This policy establishes a governance framework for beneficial enterprise entities that is consistent with the local government's strategic goals, governance and risk management practices.
Caretaker period (PDF 144 KB) Guidance to all councillors and staff on the legal obligations and protocols to be followed during the caretaker period before Council elections.
Chain of responsibility (PDF 203 KB) To comply with the Chain of Responsibility requirements under Heavy Vehicle National Law.
Competitive neutrality complaints (PDF 157 KB) The process for resolving competitive neutrality complaints.
Complaints involving corruption of the public official (PDF 133 KB) How we will deal with a complaint (or information or matter) that involves or may involve corrupt conduct of its CEO.
Conference and seminar attendance (PDF 131 KB) To give direction to all councillors and employees attending and taking part in conferences and seminars.
Contact with lobbyists policy (PDF 253 KB) Sets out Council’s position in relation to the management of lobbyists who make contact with Councillors or Council employees.
Corporate travel and accommodation (PDF 155 KB) To give direction to all councillors and employees about travel and accommodation arrangements when attending conferences, seminars, courses and promotional tours. 
Councillor conduct complaints investigation (PDF 227 KB) Process for the investigation of complaints about alleged inappropriate conduct of a councillor which have been referred to us by the Independent Assessor.
Councillor expenses and facilities (PDF 227 KB)

To meet the requirements of section 250 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 which requires that Council adopt an expenses reimbursement policy;  to provide for payment of reasonable expenses incurred, or to be incurred, by councillors for discharging their duties and responsibilities as elected representatives of the Council; and to outline the facilities and resources that Council will provide to councillors for that purpose.

Decision making in the public interest (PDF 144 KB) To equip councillors with the tools to make good decisions in the public interest.
Fraud and corruption prevention and reporting (PDF 244 KB) Our system and process to address fraud and corruption
Gifts, benefits and hospitality (PDF 241 KB) Guidelines employees and councillors follow when receiving 'gifts' as part of their 'official duties'.
Human rights (PDF 258 KB) To promote and protect human rights across the decision making powers of Council. 
Information and records management (PDF 233 KB) To provide a framework for the governance of recordkeeping within Council, to set the standards and outline best practice for recordkeeping within Logan City Council and to provide guidance and direction on the creation and management of information and data.
Information privacy (PDF 232 KB) To make sure all councillors and employees comply with their privacy obligations under the Information Privacy Act 2009 as well as making sure members of the public have a right of access to documents we hold. This is subject to exemptions defined in the Right to Information Act 2009.
Internal audit (PDF 141 KB) To provide independent advice and assurance to the Chief Executive Officer, directors, managers and Council that policies, systems and operational procedures meet set standards of effectiveness, efficiency and propriety within all functional areas of the Council as determined by the annual audit plan.
Public interest disclosure (PDF 281 KB) To set out Council’s position in relation to the disclosure of information about suspected wrongdoing in Council.
Risk management (PDF 372 KB) To implement and administer an integrated risk management system
Suburb boundary change (PDF 241 KB) To be complied with for all requests for changes to Logan City’s existing suburb boundaries
Work Related Road Safety (PDF 122 KB) To state the responsibility of councillors and employees in regards to work related road safety