Regional Arts Development Fund

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) supports the development of arts, culture and heritage in Logan. It is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland. Funds are available to support one-off projects.

Regional Arts Development Fund support is available under the following categories:

  • skills development
  • cultural tourism / creative projects
  • regional partnerships
  • strategic initiatives for Council applications only.

Funding available




Skills Development

$1,000 to $3,000

To deliver skills development programs and support residents with opportunities to build career pathways in creative industries.

Quick Response

up to $1,000

Support immediate need that arises where the activity is unable to be planned for or supported in other funding rounds, including attending professional development seminars or conferences or development activities, master classes and workshops

Cultural Tourism / Creative Project

$3,000 to $5,000

To support projects or activities that focus on Logan’s locally distinct arts, culture and/or heritage both for members of that community and for visitors; or preservation and/or improved access to locally held collections of significance, and/or to collect and tell local stories from the past and the present of significance to Logan.

Regional Partnerships

$5,000 to $8,000

To support innovative arts projects where artists, communities and councils work together in their community, or in partnership with another community, to achieve enhanced outcomes from RADF grants and that can demonstrate a partnership.

Council Strategic Initiative


These are Councilled arts related projects that deliver on the current Logan City Council Arts, Culture and Heritage Plan 2023 to 2027 actions. Only Council is eligible to apply under this category for up to 1 initiative per financial year.

Applications open now

Applications for Round 52 are open now.

Applications open

Applications close

Outcomes advised by


Saturday 7 October 2023

Thursday 2 November 2023

Thursday 14 December 2023

Recommended for projects starting from 8 January 2024

Friday 1 March 2024

Thursday 11 April 2024

Thursday 24 May 2024

Recommended for projects starting from 1 July 2024


Before you apply, read the following documents to make sure you are familiar with the eligibility criteria:

Applications must adhere to all government regulations regarding COVID19 to be eligible for assessment.

How to apply

Please contact the RADF Liaison Officer to discuss your project before starting your application. They can be contacted by calling 07 3412 5426 or email

You will need to create a SmartyGrants login and apply online through SmartyGrants.

Paper, email and incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Your application must include a budget. You can download the RADF sample budget (PDF 354 KB) to use as a guide.

Previously funded project examples

Funded project Description
Alice in Trinderland, 2019

As part of Trinder Park’s 50th anniversary celebrations an outdoor interactive performance / picnic of Alice In Trinderland by residents, staff and volunteers plus Loganlea High School students occurred.

Alice showcased the way people experiencing dementia connect to and benefit from performing.

Logan Documentary, 2019

A three minute pitch trailer was created for a feature documentary that tells the story of an exceptional family living in Logan.

The trailer was used to secure further funding for the project

More information

Please see Grant information sessions or Grant writing assistance for upcoming session information

For information about your application and to contact the RADF Liaison Officer please call 07 3412 5426 or email

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.