What you need to know about green waste bins

Collage of three photos. First photo a woman is placing foliage into her green waste bin. Second is a lineup of the three sizes of green wastebin on the kerbside and last photo is a woman wheeling her green waste bin onto the kerbside.

What can I put in the green waste bin? 

Items that can go in the recycling bin

Items that cannot go in the recycling bin

Green tick

You can put plant material from your garden in your green waste bin, including:

  • Grass clippings 
  • Weeds (shake off the soil) 
  • Leaves and loose bark 
  • Palm fronds cut to fit in the bin - bent ones can block it from emptying. 
  • Prunings from shrubs and trees up to 10cm in diameter and 75cm in length 
  • Shrubs (shake off the soil) 

Red cross

  • Plastic bags and other soft plastics 
  • Kitchen waste including fruit, vegetable and meat scraps 
  • Large logs, branches and tree stumps 
  • Soil, rocks or building materials 
  • Biodegradable or compostable bags 
  • Batteries or chemicals 
  • Anything that goes into your recycling bin 
  • Nappies (including compostable nappies) 
  • Plant pots 
  • Garden hoses or tools 
  • General waste 
  • Hazardous waste 
  • Animal droppings 
  • Treated, composite or painted timber 
  • Cardboard or paper 
  • Potting mix and ash 
  • Teabags 

Top tips:  

  • Ensure that the lid of the bin is fully closed and green waste is not protruding out of the top. Overfull bins will not be collected. 
  • Green waste should not be put into bags.  
  • You can take large volumes of green waste to one of our waste and recycling facilities or consider using a private garden bag collection service. Please see waste facilities for a list of locations. 

Green waste bin frequently asked questions

What goes in the Green Waste Bin? Green bin explained video transcript

Can I put green waste in my general waste bin? 

Although there is nothing stopping you from putting your green and or garden waste into your general waste bin, this is far from ideal as green waste will end up in landfill. When green waste is sent to landfill, it is compressed and buried in the ground with minimal exposure to oxygen, which make the breakdown process very slow, resulting in the production of landfill gases like methane and carbon dioxide. These greenhouse gases can cause Earth’s atmosphere to trap more heat, resulting in global warming and risk to human and natural resources.  

What happens to the green waste once it is collected?  

The contents from the green waste bin will be delivered to a commercial composting facility. Several products are produced at the facilities, including: 

  • mulches 
  • organic fertilisers 
  • landscape soils 
  • potting mixes 
  • top dressing. 

By using your green waste bin correctly, you are helping us reutilize garden waste, avoiding these going to landfill.  

Disposing my green waste at Council Waste and Recycling facilities 

You can also dispose of green waste to for free at our waste facilities (conditions apply). See our Waste fee schedule for more information. 

Why has my green waste bin not been collected? 

Your green waste bin will not be collected if it is too heavy or has the wrong materials inside. Your green waste bin should not exceed 70kg. Items like plastic bags, boxes, general waste and soil will contaminate green waste, making it unsuitable for composting. If your green waste bin is contaminated, it may be removed from the property. 

How do I order a green waste bin for my property? 

Green waste bins offer residents and businesses a convenient and cost-effective method for the disposal of garden waste. 

Order a green waste bin.

Cancelling a green waste bin service 

If you want to cancel your green waste bin service and have the bin removed, please call us on 07 3412 3412. 

If you paid for your extra bin as a resident who rents, we cannot refund the unused part of your 12-month service fee. 

If I move to a new house, what will happen to my green waste bin service? 

If you move to another address in Logan City and want to continue with the bin service, please contact us so we can update our records.