Holding an event in a park

Many of our parks can be booked for events such as weddings, parties, sporting activities and personal training.

If you are interested in holding an event within a park, please complete the Notify us of your event form and return it to us for consideration and review.

Our permission does not give you exclusive use of the park, but we will discourage others from organising an event that would clash with yours. Your cooperation in sharing the park and its facilities with others is appreciated.

Once we have received your Application Form, we will send you more information including a Risk Assessment Template.

After we receive all the information about your planned event, we will assess your application and risk assessment and let you know about our decision within approximately 21 business days.

Event applications that have been submitted, should not be promoted or advertised via social media or other channels, until approval has been granted on your application.

Please do notify us of any intentions to promote your event.

Weddings and special events

Logan has several scenic parks and gardens ideal for hosting weddings and special events. There is no fee for using a park for an event, however we cannot guarantee exclusive use.

Alexander Clark Park

Situated on a peninsula of the Logan River, the lower level of Alexander Clark Park makes a picturesque backdrop for an outdoor wedding. The lush bushland setting of this vast park is ideal for large weddings, or those after some ‘rustic’ charm.

Concourse Park

Set in the quiet streets of “The Domain” estate, Concourse Park offers a lovely bushland setting ideal for an outdoor wedding. There is also a dam with a viewing platform and gazebo.

Forestglen Park

A purpose-built gazebo makes Forestglen Park one of our most popular parks for weddings. It is located on a main road, which makes it easy for your guests to find, and is set far enough back from the road to provide privacy from passing traffic.

Forestglen Park is beautifully landscaped, which creates a romantic setting and offers the perfect backdrop for stunning photography.

Lancaster Park

Otherwise known as “The Rose Garden”, Lancaster Park is a very popular choice for weddings due to the magnificent roses throughout the entire park. Located on the corner of two main roads, this park is easy to find, however the gazebo is set back from the road, to allow privacy.

Please note that the roses are pruned from mid-June to the end of September each year and therefore there is no guarantee of roses at that time.

Logan Gardens

Situated close to Wembley Falls, Logan Gardens is an attractive landscaped park. There are many charming grassy spots under large gums, which provide ideal locations for a ceremony. There are also plenty of photo opportunities within the park.

Springwood Park

A tropical garden and lush, manicured lawns make Springwood Park a popular choice for many couples for their wedding day.

Logan West Gardens

A magnificently landscaped rock garden and feature gazebo make this an ideal location for a wedding ceremony and photos. It is located adjacent to the Logan West Community Centre, which is great for a wedding reception, avoiding the need for travel by the wedding party or guests.

Riverdale Park

Set out over a small lagoon is a floating gazebo. This creates an intimate area for a ceremony, with ample space on the bank for your guests. Riverdale Park is a large, open park and features a second spacious gazebo on the hill.

Conditions that apply once your event has been approved

  • You must comply with all State and Federal recommendations relating to the current COVID-19 protocols.
  • You must not use confetti or rice in the park. You can use flower petals. Please make sure that any petals you use are cleared from pathways after the event.
  • The permit for the event does not give you exclusive use of the park. You may have to share the park and its facilities with others. We will do our best to stop others from organising an event at the same time in the same park.
  • Please leave the park clean and tidy after the event and put your rubbish in the bins provided. You will need to take away any excess rubbish that does not fit in the bins provided.
  • You can use signs or decorations if they are free-standing or taped to the trees or park furniture. You must not use nails, staples or similar fasteners to attach decorations or signs. Please remove all signs and decorations at the end of the event.
  • We do not allow election signs in any of our parks.
  • Equipment that creates loud noise is not allowed in the park. You may use a portable music player or speaker powered by batteries.
  • If you would like to prepare or sell food at the event, please call us on 07 3412 3412 as special conditions will apply.
  • You need a permit for a jumping castle or other amusement equipment. We can cancel a permit in poor weather conditions.
  • If you need power for the equipment, you can use a generator. Power is not usually available for this type of use.
  • You will need a registration certificate for any amusement equipment. You can get this from The Office of Fair and Safe Work Queensland, Department of Justice and Attorney General. For more information, please contact them on 1300 362 128 or visit the Worksafe website.

Vehicle permits

You may need a vehicle permit if you take your vehicle into a park for your event.

If we issue you with a vehicle permit, please abide by all conditions listed on it.

  • We may deny access to the park or require you to pay a bond to ensure vehicles do not damage the park.
  • Vehicles must not remain on the grass area.
  • Any access gates must be immediately locked after entry or exit to ensure other people do not gain unauthorised entry into the park.
  • Our park rangers can cancel the vehicle access at any time if the weather conditions are poor.
  • We will meet you at the park to discuss the requirements of your event. You must follow the site map we provide.

Public liability insurance

If you plan to hold personal training sessions or a community event, you will need to have public liability insurance to the value of $20 million.