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Holmview takes its name from the railway station established in 1885. The name was adopted simply because the railway station had a view of the Loganholme area.

One notable industry in Holmview was the brewery established by August Thorsborne. From 1873, he had a cordial and aerated-waters factory, producing lemonade for the local population. He was also the proprietor of the Royal Hotel in Beenleigh during the 1880s. In June 1884, Thorsborne opened a brewery near the intersection of Brisbane–Beenleigh Road and Holmview Road, on the boundary between the Waterford and Beenleigh Councils. Thorsborne's property was called Fernside. His brewery was small, producing 14 to 16 hogsheads (large casks holding over 63 gallons) of beer per week. He used water from the adjacent creek and stored beer barrels in the underground cellar on his property. Locals referred to the waterhole in the creek as the brewery waterhole. Thorsborne’s brewery produced hop beer, ginger beer, and horehound. By 1891, Thorsborne was in financial trouble. He went into liquidation and the brewery fell into disrepair. More recently, an illegal distilling business operated in Holmview out of the back of a baby Austin car. Liqueur made from Beenleigh rum was stored in a fake spare tyre and sold locally.

Teys Brothers is the current major industry in Holmview. The cattle yards in Beenleigh relocated to Holmview in 1980, at the same time as the Teys established their new meatworks. An underpass under the Waterford–Beenleigh Road lets cattle walk from the sale yards to Teys Brothers.