Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day is a dedicated day of action for Relationship Australia’s Neighbours Every Day social connection campaign. It is an opportunity to connect with your neighbours and wider community, help to address loneliness and increase feelings of belonging.

Neighbour Day takes place on the last Sunday of March, and we encourage you to reach out to your neighbours to create a connection.  Whether it’s a few friendly words across the back fence, inviting your neighbour in for a cuppa, organising a street get-together, a neighbourhood picnic, or stopping for a chat when you’re walking the dog. Every connection creates belonging.

See below for some of the ways you can connect with your community this Neighbour Day!

A graphic image of a lady who has dropped some books and a man helping her pick them up and two other people, one with a dog and one with a baby talking.

Neighbour Day resources

Council has put together some resources to help you connect with your neighbours, including our connection postcard

Neighbour Day resources