City-wide projects

Place Plan

Place making is the process of designing and developing public spaces and places to drive economic transformation and improve the quality of life for people using these places. It is a collaborative approach which can be applied to a range of public spaces from small scale interventions, like public art, to larger scale projects, like the creation of a public plaza or streetscape improvements.

The Place Plan is the consolidation of existing place-based actions or initiatives under broad classifications of policy, programs, and projects. It details how future actions or initiatives will be delivered by Council in the short, medium, and longer term. The purpose of the plan is to continue and extend the current work program across all activity centres. It will inform a future work program and budget for delivery of place making actions and revitalisation of centres across the City of Logan.

To find out more please download our Place Plan (PDF 3 MB).

Facade Improvement Program

The Facade Improvement Program (FIP) encourages owners / tenants to enhance their façade and help improve street appeal. This is part of a strategy to revitalise buildings and streetscapes in eligible areas / selected urban centres. Council will contribute $2 for every $1 invested by successful applicants up to a maximum of $5,000 to deliver the façade enhancements.

Urban Design Framework

The Urban Design Framework (UDF) sets out how good design outcomes fit into future investment decisions for Logan. It’s an important part of helping us create and sustain liveable and prosperous communities. We want to celebrate Logan’s diverse character and create places where people want to live, work and visit.

Urban design in Logan is about:

  • encouraging a strong identity and sense of place in a way that prioritises people and their needs
  • embracing nature, valuing our green assets and integrating sustainable practices in everyday life and work
  • prioritising health, safety, connections, cohesion and inclusivity
  • facilitating creativity, innovation and great outcomes for our city
  • providing the conditions and structure to allow people and businesses to thrive.

To find out more please download our Urban Design Framework (PDF 4 MB).

Employment Lands Strategy 2020

Economic development and job opportunities are a high priority for Council.

In 2017 we began a project to make sure that Logan continues to provide enough employment land to support job creation and make it easier for businesses to start up, move to and grow in our city.

In July 2020, Council endorsed the Employment Lands Strategy 2020. The strategy sets out our vision for this land (in the Mixed Use, Low Impact Industry and Medium Impact Industry zones) and outlines the intention for different employment areas. The strategy will provide certainty for businesses and investors and will help shape future changes to the Logan Planning Scheme. 

To find out more please download our Employment Lands Strategy 2020 (PDF 1.5MB).

For more information about Logan's workforce and industries, please see the city's Economic Profile.

Logan Housing Study 2020

In the past decade, the City of Logan has experienced unprecedented population and housing growth. This trend is expected to continue.

To understand how Logan is performing in the delivery of housing, in 2020 we developed a Housing Strategy. This will help us to establish best practice policy options for future housing and residential development.

To find out more please download the Logan Housing Study 2020 (PDF 4.8MB).

Night-time Economy Strategy for the City of Logan

We are looking at ways to create more active places for people at night and help businesses extend their productivity into the night.

A Night-time Economy Strategy for the City of Logan will detail ways for us to plan better places for businesses, services and the community after dark, including:

  • enhancing places with more things to do and see
  • improving access and safety to places in the evening
  • extending the productivity of Logan businesses into the night.

Urban Art Strategy

The Urban Art Strategy provides a framework for the implementation of Urban Art projects in Logan’s Activity centres. The strategy aims to improve amenity, attract more people to the city centres and activate unused spaces. Urban Art in all its formats plays an important role to create vibrant places across our city.

Urban Art is a place-based creative practice. It enhances built and natural environments and adds value to the urban character and cultural identity of a city.

Urban Art involves a range of artforms, creative interventions, production methods and design applications for generating permanent and temporary (including participatory and event-based) outcomes.

Urban art is a broader term than public art and includes creative placemaking collaborations and outcomes like:

  • creative signage
  • integrated design
  • interpretive signage
  • creative lighting
  • bespoke playscapes
  • place activation events
  • public artworks
  • installations.

Urban art can be delivered by:

  • creative collectives
  • design studios
  • community collaborations
  • individual artists, designers, and creatives.

To find out more please download our Urban Art Strategy (PDF 4.28 MB).