Do I need a licence for my food business?

A business or organisation may need a food licence under the Food Act 2006 if they sell unpackaged food or handle, prepare, cook, serve or manufacture food.

Types of businesses include:

  • cafe
  • takeaway food bar
  • restaurant
  • bakery
  • mobile food vehicle
  • food stall
  • home based business
  • food manufacturer 
  • supermarket
  • water carrier
  • childcare centre
  • aged care facility
  • caterer

Examples of unpackaged foods that need a licence

If you are preparing any of the following types of unpacked foods, you need a food business licence:

  • fruit or vegetable juice that is processed at place of sale
  • cakes, muffins or biscuits with fresh cream or custard in the filling or icing
  • takeaway food like hot chips and hamburgers
  • making food by combining ingredients like jams, sauces, curries or soup
  • bread and bread rolls
  • sandwiches, including toasting sandwiches at a cafe
  • bulk coffee that is repackaged into smaller containers
  • any other unpackaged food that is not exempt.

This is not an exhaustive list and if you still have questions about the type of product you are going to prepare and sell, contact us.

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