IGNITE Youth Careers Expo Terms and Conditions

Selection Criteria 

Given your submission meets all our requirements and you have supplied all relevant documentation, you must also meet the following selection criteria: 

  1. The locality of the vendor. 
  2. All previous accounts with Logan City Council must have been settled. 
  3. You will need to fulfil all compliance regulations. 
  4. The exhibitor should suitably align to the event and meet the expectations of the event patron. 
  5. The size and requirements of the exhibitor must suit the event site. 
  6. The strength of the exhibitor’s social media following and engagement. 
  7. Product popularity and requests from the general public. 
  8. The level of competition within similar industries / categories. 

Terms and Conditions 

By accepting a placement at IGNITE Youth Careers Expo you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. Please take the time to read this carefully as rules and regulations are guided by this content. 

  1. To register for a booth / site at this event you must complete and submit the online expression of interest form. 
  2. Applying for IGNITE Youth Careers Expo does not guarantee acceptance to the event. Previous acceptance does not guarantee you will be accepted to the event every year. 
  3. You will be notified of the outcome of your application within ten business days of the application closing date. 
  4. Booth / Site bookings will be confirmed once payment has been received. Payment is to be made in accordance with invoice terms.
  5. All cancellations of booth / site bookings must be received via email to events@logan.qld.gov.au no later than 14 days out from the event otherwise you will forfeit your exhibitor fee. 
  6. The applicant agrees to operate their stall for the duration of the event operational times, unless alternative operating hours have been negotiated with the event organiser. 
  7. All booths / sites are to be erected and functional at least thirty minutes prior to the event operation time or as confirmed in the pre event confirmation communications. 
  8. Dismantling of a booth / site may only occur after the event operation time and when the event organiser has deemed it safe to do so. 
  9. Vehicle access at the event site will only be permitted outside of the event operating times. For the safety of patrons, contractors and staff, all vehicles must vacate the event site no later than one hour before the event is scheduled to start. Any vehicles requiring access to the event site outside of operating times must consult with the event organisers prior and must abide by the event procedures. 
  10. The allocated booth / site is to be used solely for the purpose specified herein. No sub-letting will be permitted without the written permission of Logan City Council. Gambling and/or disposing of any article by lot or chance is strictly prohibited, unless authorised by event organisers. No unauthorised selling, canvassing, hawking or distribution of printed or other matter will be permitted outside the area contracted. 
  11. Logan City Council have the power to enter the booth / site and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter or stop any undue noise created by a exhibitor, which, in their opinion may cause offence to the public or impede the reputation of Logan City Council and/or the event brand. 
  12. The booth / site area is to be kept clean and tidy at all times during the event. Exhibitors shall leave their allocated area in a clean and tidy state, removing any litter, spills, by-products or equipment from their activities. Should the booth / site be damaged or require further cleaning or removal of waste at the conclusion of the event, this expense will be passed onto the exhibitor. 
  13. All electrical leads and equipment must be tagged and tested within 12 months of the event date and must have current tags showing at all times. Any lead that does not have an up to date tag will be removed by the event organisers on the day of operation. 
  14. All leads, hoses or other trip hazards must be suitably covered to prevent any accidents. 
  15. All marquees must be adequately weighted to ensure no movement, especially during heavy winds. All weights are to be clearly marked and visible to the public to prevent hazards. 
  16. All emergency entry and exit points must remain unobstructed by vendors and their vehicles at all times. 
  17. All exhibitors must be aware of the location of First Aid and all emergency procedures for the event. 
  18. The onus is on the exhibitor to notify and report to the event organisers immediately any incidents of loss, damage or injury. 
  19. All equipment brought into the event is the full responsibility of the exhibitor. This includes signage, marquees, lighting, extension cords, appliances, tables and chairs etc. 
  20. Smoking on the event site is not permitted. 
  21. Logan City Council shall not be held liable for the loss or damage to the exhibitor’s property while at any site for any reason whatsoever involving the negligence of Logan City Council or its employees, representatives or agents. 
  22. Should Logan City Council find it necessary to cancel or postpone the event, vendors will be notified in writing as soon as practical. Logan City Council shall not be liable to the vendor for any compensation whether on the grounds of loss of profits or otherwise in respect of such cancellation. Booths / sites paid in advance will be refunded. 
  23. Logan City Council reserve the right to cancel this agreement and to retain all monies paid if there is, in the opinion of the Logan City Council, an infringement of any of the foregoing conditions and/or if the exhibitor does not occupy their space for the agreed upon duration of the event. 
  24. Logan City Council takes no responsibility for equipment failure at the event or within your booth / site. 
  25. IGNITE Youth Careers Expo is a drug and alcohol free event. Any exhibitor found bringing these prohibited items onsite will be removed immediately and you will not receive a refund for your exhibitor fees or compensation for any operating costs. 
  26. By submitting this application form, you authorise Logan City Council to use any photography and/or videotaping taken of your booth / site, including images of your products and staff, for any publicity purposes including publications, promotional flyers, news articles, websites, newsletters and magazines. 
  27. To reduce waste, exhibitors are asked to minimise the use of single use plastic packaging. Please use recycled and/or recyclable packaging and materials (where appropriate) or consider environmentally friendly alternatives. 
  28. All decisions on stall allocation made by the Logan City Council event organisers are final and no correspondence will not be entered into in this regard. 
  29. All exhibitors and their staff must conduct themselves in a polite and respectful manner when dealing with patrons, staff and other contractors and must not use offensive language or become involved in any incidents that will bring IGNITE Youth Careers Expo or Logan City Council into disrepute 
  30. Exhibitors must ensure that people working in their booth follow the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. Exhibitors are responsible and liable for the actions of their staff, workers and volunteers. 
  31. Exhibitors must not sell or promote any items that have an age restriction. No alcohol, tobacco or other restricted products are to be sold at the events. The event organiser reserves the right to restrict and/or prohibit the sale or promotion of any items. 
  32. There is no guarantee of volume of public attendance and no refund will be made due to lack of public attendance. 
  33. Exhibitors are required at all times to act in a professional manner and be honourable representatives of IGNITE Youth Careers Expo on behalf of Logan City Council. Bringing the event into disrepute, negatively influencing the public, customers or fellow stallholders, behaving in a negative way towards the operator or not adhering to instruction given by the event organiser is not acceptable and may result in stallholder removal from the event and banned from future attendance. 
  34. The Logan City Council events team has the right to determine whether a breach to its terms and conditions has been made. The party responsible for the breach must immediately rectify or cease any unauthorised activity. Non-compliance will lead to immediate suspension and or expulsion from the IGNITE Youth Careers Expo and other Logan City Council events. In this case the exhibitor will not be entitled to a refund, or any part, of the cost of their stall. No correspondence will be entered into in this regard. 
  35. Exhibitors and all staff working within a booth must be trained on safe working procedures.
  36. All exhibitors must adhere to QLD Health COVID Safe regulations at the time of the event. 
  37. All exhibitors must adhere to any other Queensland Government rules and regulations in relation to COVID-19 for the safe operation of the event.