Know your neighbours

Getting to know your neighbours and your local community is an important part of preparing your household for a disaster.

Your neighbours can help you prepare for, respond to and recover from a disaster. They can also help you and your family feel safer.

Neighbours can help each other in many different ways before, during and after a disaster by:

  • helping to prepare a household emergency plan and an emergency kit
  • helping you prepare your home and yard, such as trimming trees and clearing gutters
  • helping you move outdoor furniture and secure other loose objects around your property
  • providing information about what is happening
  • providing a place to shelter during a disaster
  • helping to clean up after a disaster
  • talking about what has happened so you can be better prepared next time.

We’ll all cope better with disasters if we work together as a community and look out for people who might need extra help, or people who may be able to help you. Look out for:

  • older people living by themselves
  • people with physical or sensory disabilities
  • people living with chronic illness or mental illness
  • single parents with young children
  • large families
  • people who have recently arrived, including tourists, refugees or immigrants.

For more information, please visit Get Ready Queensland or the Australian Red Cross websites.

Tips to prepare your home and family for natural disasters video transcript