Landscape Architecture and Urban Infrastructure Award

Winner: Brookhaven - Discovery Park

Property Developer - Frasers Property Australia

Landscape Architect - TRACT

Contractor - Nature Form

An aerial view of the park showing the different areas of barbeque areas, playground areas and parkland


Judges’ citation

This is an exemplary design, demonstrating the value of preserving existing site qualities. Integrating with the creek corridor, the existing mature trees have been carefully designed into the space, creating a sense of place, shade from day one and an enhanced environmental outcome.

The spatial arrangements have been woven into the existing topography. This achieves a sense of separation from the broader development and a series of distinct but interrelated spaces to allow multiple uses and users. It maintains good visibility between spaces to ensure surveillance of children and a sense of personal safety.

The play experience is enhanced by the way it uses the different levels and weaves through the landscape creating a sense of adventure and discovery.

The materials’ palette is high quality, durable and respectful of the site. The native planting selection sits beautifully into the natural setting and is already encouraging birds back into the area.

This park demonstrates the value of well-designed green space as a focus for community particularly in our post-COVID environment.

Commendation: Pebble Creek Parklands

Landscape Architecture - SLR Consulting

Developer - Orchard Property Group

Structural Engineering - Glynn Tucker

Electrical - Webb Australia

Picture of the pathway going through Pebblecreek parkland showing shade sails, decorative concrete seating and landscaping


Judges’ citation

This is a high-quality community focused space. It is integrated into the natural setting and demonstrates strong environmental values. The careful integration of the space with the existing trees and landform enhance its sense of place and the play experience. Materials have been selected including native planting and delightful sculptural elements reinforcing its place identity.

The birds nest play structure creates a destination marker. The nature-based play experience woven into the landscape provides a range of experiences for all ages. Amenities, shelters and barbecue facilities are a focus for social gatherings enhancing a strong sense of community.