Wheelie Bins left out on footpaths

Wheelie bin with red lid and wheelie bin with yellow lid on sidewalk outside a house

Our local laws are in place to keep our city safe, clean, and liveable. The City of Logan laws require residents don’t place their bins out for more than 24 hours before or after collection day.

To make sure your bins get emptied on collection day:

  • put your bins out on the kerb the night before
  • make sure your bin is not too heavy, the trucks can’t pick up more than 70 kilograms. 

Please don’t block pedestrian pathways or vehicle access when placing your bin out.

After the bins are collected, return them to your property. Bins left on footpath long after they've been emptied:

  • are a source of frustration for other residents
  • pose a hazard to pedestrians
  • interfere with kerbside parking
  • are prone to being damaged
  • if left open, cause odour and attract flies.

If you are planning on going away, ask family, a friend or neighbours to place them out and bring them back in for you. This will make sure your bin gets emptied and you are complying with our Local Law.

To find out your scheduled collection day, see Bin collection day.

What will happen if my bin is out more than 24 hours before or after collection day?

We will investigate if wheelie bins are left out on the footpath for extended periods as they can pose a risk to the community.

On the spot fines will be given if the bin remains on the footpath 24 hours after collection day.

How to report a wheelie bin left on the footpath

To report an issue, please contact us on 07 3412 3412.

When we investigate, we will consider:

  • when the bins were emptied (the day of the collection)
  • who is responsible for the wheelie bin
  • any risk of harm to human health or personal injury
  • public health issues like odour and flies
  • whether the bin is full