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Amendments Parks Local Law

Amendments are required to Local Law No. 5 (Parks, Jetties and Boat Ramps) 2011 to align with the Park Volunteer Framework. As a part of this framework Honorary Park Rangers will be transitioned to the ParkCare Program and will no longer be appointed specifically as Honorary Park Rangers. As Honorary Park Rangers will no longer exist, this provision within the local law needs to be removed.

The community has the opportunity to comment on the proposed amending local law during the community feedback period from 3 February until COB 28 February 2020.


You can make a submission on the proposed repealing local law in the following ways:

Animal Management Subordinate Local Law Amendments

Pursuant to the provisions of the Local Government Act 2009, Logan City Council made Amending Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Subordinate Local Law No. 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002) 2020 by resolution on 29 January 2020.

The object of Amending Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Subordinate Local Law No. 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002) 2020 is to amend Subordinate Local Law No. 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002 by:

  • requiring an additional prescribed criteria for the keeping of a dog where it has barked, howled or whined excessively
  • outlining the factors an authorised person is to take into account when determining if barking, howling or whining from a dog is excessive
  • ensuring cats are contained to a cat carrier or harnessed when they are in a public place
  • requiring an additional prescribed enclosure requirement for a dog where it is subject to a control issue and define what constitutes a control issue
  • amending the different circumstances when a dog or cat may be kept on prescribed premises with and without an approval from the local government
  • removing the weight restriction for companion dogs, and
  • adding a number of definitions for phrases used in the subordinate local law.

Consolidated Versions of Local Laws

Council has, by resolution dated 29 January 2020, adopted a consolidated version of Subordinate Local Law No. 4.1 (Animal Management) 2002.


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