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The current suburb of Loganlea is a small portion of the area originally called Loganlea. Originally, the area stretched between two early settlements of Slacks Creek and Waterford, with Loganlea Road the main road to the south. A bridge was built across Slacks Creek on Loganlea Road in 1866.

The first postal service to the area known as the Logan Agricultural Reserve was located on Mr Beetham's property in Loganlea Road to the north of Moloney Street. In 1871, the post office was relocated to Richard Leo's Morning Star Hotel on the corner of Loganlea and Beenleigh–Kingston Roads. During the 1870s, Cobb and Co. Coaches stopped at the Morning Starr Hotel on the journey to Beenleigh. A bridge across the Logan River in Waterford was built in 1876.

Some of the first settlers in Loganlea included Robert and John Nosworthy; James Ferris; William Jameson; George, Aaron and Emmanuel Love; Thomas and William Armstrong; John Beetham; James Moloney; and Richard and Patrick Leo. James Ferris was drowned in the flooding of the Logan River in February 1864.

William and Margaret Armstrong arrived in the 1860s and initially grew cotton and sugar, as most others did at that time. Later they grew millet and maize, and bred poultry, pigs and dairy cattle. William Armstrong helped to establish the first Wesleyan Church in the Slacks Creek area. The first provisional school for the area ran from this church, which was situated in Centenary Road at Slacks Creek.

The Armstrongs’ sons, Thomas and William, settled along the river in the area now called Meadowbrook. In 1884, they provided land for the Loganlea New Wesleyan Church, which was situated in Armstrong Road near where Logan Hospital is now.

The railway bridge over the Logan River was at Loganlea and was built from 1884–85. In April 1885, the railway opened to Loganlea. When the bridge was complete in July, the railway opened to Beenleigh. The construction of the railway improved both transport and communications, with the mail collected from the station master, Mr Shanahan. The bridge was washed away in the floods of 1887.

The Loganlea area was the home to dairy stud farms during the mid-20thcentury. Successive members of the Armstrong family ran the dairy farm Riverdale until the 1970s. During that time the land surrounding Riverdale was bought by developers and new housing estates were build. Part of the Armstrong land is now Logan TAFE College, which was established in 1988. The Logan Hospital opened on the land in 1990. The remainder of the Riverdale property is now Riverdale Park on the Logan River. The nearby Griffith University, which opened in 1998, is built on old grazing land.